Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

Nothing shakes your confidence this year!

You’ve got that infamous Scorpio swagger already, but you’ll really be feeling yourself when your power planet, Mars, spends time in your sign at the very beginning of the year. A couple days later Mars moves on to adventurous, knowledge-seeking Sagittarius, but for those first two days you’re untouchable! Mars in Aries, the other sign it rules, packs another great punch when they team up at the end of June, but it could also cause you to be impatient and self-centered, which aren’t two inherent Scorpio qualities

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Your other co-ruler, contemplative Pluto, spends the year in driven Capricorn, so it will be even more important for you to get what you want. You might go to great lengths to reinvent yourself, but you aren’t doing it for anyone else. This is your year to do you, Scorpio.

The sun spends time in your confident sign at the end of October until late November, highlighting all your best qualities. Happy birthday intense, determined Scorpio! Your desires come to the surface, and you crave closer, more intimate relationships. You might be even more secretive now than usual, but you expect full disclosure from everyone else. You also ooze a magnetism that’s hard for others to ignore, but you’re very picky about who you let join your inner circle.

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