Cancer Couples Horoscope

You love to be in love, truly, and you're one of the few signs who take relationships very seriously. A new moon in kindred water sign Pisces at the beginning of March is a welcome quiet after the storm of wacky Aquarius, giving you time to settle back in with each other and reassess your goals and hopes as a couple. This quiet and contemplative time brings you closer together and helps you better understand where the other is coming from.

Communication expert Mercury spends time in your emotional sign at the beginning of June, which also gives you the opportunity to express yourself to your partner. You desire closeness and value your ability to openly and honestly talk with each other about anything and everything. Again, you may still have a wall up from time to time, but that doesn't mean you don't want to talk about things. Your partner might have to work extra hard to draw you out when you're in one of your moods, but it's worth it to see your face light up when you realize how much they care.

Venus spends time in your sign in the summer as well, putting you in full-on protective mode. You're a lot like a mama bear protecting her young, and you won't put up with anyone trying to mess with what you have for a minute. The emotional ups and downs you feel under this influence can be extreme, Cancer, but you aren't about to change anytime soon. You'll go to any lengths necessary to prove your love, and that includes showing your dedication in creative and meaningful romantic ways.