Aquarius Couples Horoscope

The year 2019 sees your more sensitive side.

Venus rules your love life, and she doesn't go through any pesky retrograde cycles this year, which is good. A Venus-Uranus trine at the start of February gets you in the mood to try something new (even more than usual), and you love to experiment with all the latest gizmos and gadgets. Download a love quiz app to share with your sweetie, or visit some sexy online shops. You're honestly up for just about anything, and hopefully your partner is, too!

Mercury enters emotional Cancer in early June, so expect your feelings to come bubbling up to the surface at any given moment. You aren't comfortable wearing your heart on your sleeve this much, but why repress the strong urge to tell your partner how you feel? A side effect of this transit can be extreme moodiness, so get ready for the up-and-down roller coaster that is Mercury in Cancer!

And speaking of emotions, dreamy Neptune spends the year in sensitive Pisces, leading you to want to get close to your partner, not just emotionally and physically but spiritually, too. Your selfless side comes out and you have a deep need to connect on a spiritual level with the person you consider your soul mate. When Neptune retrograde starts at the end of June, you might be forced to see a truth about your relationship that's been hidden (or you've conveniently ignored) until now. Seeing things exactly as they are doesn't have to be a bad thing.