Taurus Singles Horoscope

Taurus singles have a big advantage in 2018. Your ruling planet Venus shines bright in Taurus as the sun enters your sign. No one can resist your charm and attractive appearance. With more popularity, love prospects will flock to you.

Choosing among so many admirers will be easy, too, especially early in the year and again in the last two months. Saturn and Pluto in business-minded Capricorn will select out any inappropriate candidates. You will have plenty of nice ways to say "no, thank you," if those times arise.

April and May could be the most lighthearted months, when the moon and Uranus encourage a more playful approach to the dating world.

Jupiter entering socially driven Sagittarius in early November could bring you another flood of appealing new loves. Pace yourself.

In October and November, Venus is retrograde, starting in serious Scorpio and ending in elegant Libra. November and December could be the most sophisticated and cultured times. Get out your fancy dress and be dazzling.