Taurus Couples Horoscope

You can work wonders in the love department in 2018, Taurus. Set your joint intentions and nothing can stand in your way.

As the sun enters Taurus, Mars, Pluto, and Saturn are all in earth sign Capricorn. Stick together and demolish any obstacles in your domestic life. There is extra-strong support for one another's career efforts, too.

The sun may have just entered Taurus, but Uranus is still in the final degrees of Aries. This keeps love crazy fun and inventive all year long. Venus in Taurus keeps your relationship sensually satisfying and luxurious. Pamper one another without blowing the budget.

In early November, gregarious Jupiter enters Sagittarius. You may not become party animals, but your social life should pick for you both.

Venus is retrograde in October and November. Rather than weakening, love will be stronger and more serious. When Venus goes direct in Libra, you may both have even better impressions of one another.