Pisces Couples Horoscope

The outside world may seem harsh and relentless at times in 2018, Pisces, but couples will find plenty of soothing kindness no matter what. When the sun enters Pisces, the sky has plenty of agreeable sextiles forming and dissolving among Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

Sound complicated? It's a complicated time, especially January, February, and March. The sun and Mercury are in a separating conjunction when the sun enters Pisces. This helps the two of you figure out whatever you need.

Romance can provide a pleasant retreat from any work- or family-related complications. You should be left in relative peace to pursue your own plans until the summer Mars retrograde in Capricorn. This may cause frustration over work, but you have each other's back.

Venus is retrograde from October until the middle of November, mostly in Scorpio. Some heavy discussion topics could come up. Be sincere and forthright, and see moods improve when Venus turns direct in gracious Libra.

December is high-speed holiday season. You might prefer an intimate escape if family and work festivities become too demanding.