Pisces Singles Horoscope

Love sparkles and zings throughout 2018, Pisces. A lot of the zings will come in February and March. A lunar eclipse on January 31 could set the stage that sends many promising romantic contacts your way.

You may recognize qualities in these new companions that attracted you to past loves. Rather than fall into the same routine, appreciate the good elements and then move on if you choose.

In March, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune are all in Pisces to tug at your heartstrings. This Pisces-packed month also makes you more attractive than you may feel you are. Lap up the attention and believe the compliments. They're genuine.

Mars is retrograde in Capricorn during the summer. This might affect work more than romance, but you could easily meet someone practical who is willing to make a relationship work on your terms.

The Venus retrograde of October and November may slow down your social life. If you're with someone and considering tying the knot, definitely think about postponing that until the Venus retrograde ends in the second half of November.