Leo Couples Horoscope

The year 2018 could bring your relationship a refreshing change of some sort. It may not be major. It could be more like a fresh breeze when the window is opened.

When the sun enters Leo, Venus has separated from a trine with Uranus, and a change of the most practical and pleasant sort may be in the works.

Mercury's three retrogrades are all in fire signs. It might be harder to get your message across in April, August, or November. You both have coping tactics, unless one of you gets too stubborn to listen.

Jupiter's retrograde ends in July, so watch the budget at that time and spoil one another within your means.

The Mars retrograde in August might make you less confident or more clingy. This, too, shall pass. Your partner will understand.

The Venus retrograde of October and November ends briliantly for couples. Be patient and leave plenty of slack for each other. Love continues to deepen as the year draws to a close.