Aries Singles Horoscope

Project yourself out into the world in 2018. Look great, feel great, and attract more kindred spirits.

Clever Mercury and attractive Venus are conjoined in Aries when the sun enters your sign. Appreciate life, be more popular, and be appreciated by the people near you.

Take the Mercury retrograde in Aries as an opportunity to attract a more thoughtful and possibly more ambitious lover. Meet someone willing to work hard to please you and satisfy your needs.

Mars is retrograde this summer in Aquarius and Capricorn. This should impact your work world more than your love life. If you're in a big social circle, get to know a few people at a deeper level.

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio in October. Be more selective and happier when it turns direct in Libra in November.

Jupiter enters magnanimous Sagittarius in November and everyone gets more generous with romance. How much sweetness can you stand? You could get it, and more.

Your work environment offers opportunities, too, especially as winter approaches. Don't overlook someone quieter and more mature.