Taking time alone is one of Taurus's necessities...

Taking time alone is one of Taurus's necessities...

Brave Bull, you seem so confident and stoic in the face of problems, and you are! But beneath that tough hide lies the soul of a dreamer, thanks to your ruler Venus. It isn't selfish to take some time to ponder your life's goals – in fact, it's a necessity.

Think about taking a meditative walk in an inspiring place. No matter where you are, there are interesting places to explore and get some fresh air. A park, your neighborhood sidewalks, a hiking trail, a grassy field, the beach - these all work. Ambling on one of these grassy, sandy, or stony paths helps you clear your mind and focus your thoughts.

Work and stress melt away with the fluidity of the exercise. Don't be surprised if you return with a whole new purpose in life!

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