This is the best way for Aquarians to get rich...

This is the best way for Aquarians to get rich...

Tom’s shoes. Post-its. Beanie Babies. What’s next? That’s up to you, Aquarius. Your key to making tons of money is in your inventive nature and entrepreneurial spirit. So, come up with that next big idea and you might just be swimming in gold.

But of course, coming up with the Next Big Thing is very difficult. To help, ask yourself these questions:
- What are some challenges I face on a daily basis? Now, think of what could fix them.
- What really matters to me and most people I know? Is there a way to do something more and better about it?
- What makes me feel better when I am sad? Can I spread this gift to others, and how?
- Is there a way to make something that is painful, uncomfortable, or hard to afford more accessible and easy?

Good luck, Water Bearers! You've definitely got a new invention in your mind!

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