This is what your co-workers think of you, Capricorn...

This is what your co-workers think of you, Capricorn...

Everyone knows Capricorns were born to be top employees and all-around successes. But are we all work and no play? That’s the mistake other signs often make, because at work we are so focused (most of the time). So, here are a few other conclusions the other signs make about their Capricorn colleagues... you tell me, yay or nay?

- Capricorns are fast learners and efficient workers.
- Capricorns don’t get out much socially.
- Funny in a sarcastic, blunt, self-deprecating way. Can be downright silly at happy hour!
- If you’re on the Capricorn’s good side, they will work tirelessly to help you... but if this Capricorn doesn’t like or respect you, expect to be iced out or ignored entirely.
- Capricorns aren’t team players. They like to be left alone.

What do you think about this? I definitely disagree with some of them!

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