Sagittarius 2024 Horoscope

It’s time to get your house in order, Sagittarius, because as serious Saturn travels through soulful, reflective Pisces and your fourth house this year, the focus shifts to your home life and family issues. Because this serious energy affects your domestic duties and obligations as well as all things related to your house, you might find yourself with a pretty hefty to-do list in 2024! Things ranging from taking care of elderly or sick relatives to major DIY or renovation projects could dominate your free time, but your increased sense of empathy, compassion, and patience helps you deal with this potentially stressful workload.

Your adventurous leader Jupiter spends an almost equal amount of time in both steady, practical Taurus (from the start of the year to late May) and then in open-minded, versatile Gemini (from late May through the end of December), bringing a lot of balance to your life. The first part of the year provides patience and inner strength, with the second half offering a newfound curiosity about the world that leads to new perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions.

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Jupiter is retrograde for all of November and December, giving you important time to reflect on what has happened throughout the year. Reevaluating your priorities will be important at this time, as will thinking seriously about what makes you happy and fulfilled. Ending the year on a soul-searching note can lead to some amazing things in 2025.

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