6 Things to Do During Your Saturn Return

By Virginia Mason

On December 25, 2020

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6 Things to Do During Your Saturn Return

Once every 29.4 years, you experience a Saturn return. When Saturn makes a complete trip around the zodiac and finally enters the same sign it was in when you were born, that’s when your Saturn return begins. This happens around ages 27, 57, and 87 and lasts for two and a half to three years. And during this time, you’ll feel a whole lot like a gigantic storm is ripping through your entire life. (Exciting, right?)

The planet Saturn—the planet that rules Capricorn—governs over law, order, time, and structure. It encompasses all the stable things in our lives. So in terms of what it can affect, Saturn can cause incredible upheaval in many areas of your life from work to relationships to family.

So as you enter a Saturn return, the experience is both deeply painful and beautifully empowering. The lessons you learn during a return are designed to protect you by keeping you on your karmic path.

That said, there’s also no escaping Saturn’s lessons! If you spend your return hiding under your covers and crossing your fingers, Saturn will just come back and kick your ass even harder on the next go ‘round.

So to make the most of every return, follow these steps, and Saturn will reward you for your hard work.

1) Take stock of your life

Slow down and reflect. Ask yourself the hard questions because they’re coming either way. Are you where you want to be? Are you with the person you want to be with? Are you spending your days how you want to spend your days? It’s okay to not have the answers. Saturn will help you find them, but by asking the questions, you’ll be working with Saturn and nudging its lessons along.

2) Ask for help

Saturn can leave you feeling like you have nothing left to give. It can also isolate you from your relationships and support system. If this happens, know that it’s working to connect you with the support you truly need and the relationships that will benefit you in the long run. When you feel lost, depressed, and helpless, go find the people who can help you. Go to healers. Go to counseling. Go get a massage. Whatever happens, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

3) Don’t skip your checkup

Saturn hits you on every level—both psychological and physical. You are not invincible. Take care of your body with a nourishing diet. Keep your body moving with whatever activity excites you. Monitor your health carefully, and check in with your health care providers at the recommended intervals. If a health scare happens – breathe. It is all part of the growth Saturn is pushing. Reach out to your support system, and remember, stress can make the heart stronger if you let it.

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4) Celebrate yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself up when it feels like life isn’t going your way. And that’s exactly how Saturn can make you feel, but if you pay attention, you’ll begin to see the ways that all of the chaos is actually helping you. So don’t lose sight of the wonderful things about you and the wonderful things happening in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and write down something you’re grateful for every day. And pat yourself on the back for all that you’re doing, how strong you’re being, and for every little accomplishment.

5) Stay open to complete and total change

At the end of your Saturn return, you’ll likely find yourself looking back at the old you—the you from three years ago —and thinking, “Wow! I don’t even recognize that person!” Your return puts personal evolution on hyperspeed. At the start, you may feel like you’re walking a plank toward eternal doom, but by the end, you’ll realize there was a much happier existence waiting for you at the bottom. So stay open and let yourself fall into the unknown and into a stronger, more powerful version of yourself.


6) Use intention jewelry to manifest what you want

During your return, you can keep yourself on track by practicing this Saturn return ritual once every three months. By remembering the advice above and regularly practicing this ritual, you can easily find your way through Saturn’s storm, so you’re able to welcome all its disguised blessings.



Turn off all your electronics and find a quiet, clean space where you can be alone. Place your intention piece (jewelry or crystal) next to your orange candle.

Settle into position and close your eyes. Then place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your stomach. Take three, deep, slow breaths. Keep your eyes closed as you say the following aloud: Please grant me the clarity to live my highest purpose.

Slowly open your eyes and light your candle. Then pick up your notebook and write (for at least 10 minutes) about your life, your deepest desires, and what you need to do to satisfy them. When you’re finished, write at least one thing you are grateful for from the last three months.

Close your notebook and place it to the side. Pick up your jewelry or crystal and hold it in your hands. Face the candle, close your eyes, and say the following out loud: I am unique. I am powerful. I have the strength to live my highest purpose.

Blow out the candle, and open your eyes. Thank the universe. Carry your jewelry or crystal with you until the next ritual.

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