Mercury Retrograde 2019 Dates -
Mercury Retrograde 2019 Dates

Mercury Retrograde 2019 Dates

Even though every year has the requisite three Mercury retrograde cycles, they all bring their own unique brand of hassles and headaches. You might recall last year's fire retrogrades, all feisty and full of aggression, but 2019's Mercury retrograde cycles all dip into emotional water signs, calming the energy (somewhat) and giving you the option of using your intuition to get out of trouble.

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Here's everything you need to know about Mercury retrogrades in 2019 and how to keep your head above water as you ride this tumultuous transit.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (March 6-March 28)

Even the most precise, direct and confrontational signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Aries, we're talking to you) lose focus when Mercury retrograde is in pensive Pisces. Details are not your friend right now, as you find yourself staring off into space and pondering life's 'what ifs' instead of facing reality. Memorizing facts, accurately calculating numbers, getting places on time, etc., all go so south with Mercury retrograding in Pisces.

So, should you go back to bed, pull up the covers and wait for this unpleasantness to pass? Nope. Because to compensate for Mercury retrograde in Pisces' preoccupied energy, the universe gives you an exceptional sense of intuition to balance things out. Were you too distracted to study for the big test? Facing a crisis at work? The answers you need may pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere. When you can't rely on facts and logic, your intuition fills in the blanks. You're welcome!

Mercury Retrograde in Leo & Cancer (July 9 ' July 31)

Although this retrograde period comes roaring in with fiery Leo, it isn't long before it backs up into touchy-feely Cancer. How you approach Mercury retrograde's problems now comes from a deeply personal and emotional place, especially if you feel you're getting blamed for things that aren't your fault (and there's probably going to be a lot of that with Mercury retrograde's shenanigans). Work and school can be a hassle as you try to navigate through things like missed meetings, tardiness and lost homework. Even your happy place'home sweet home'isn't immune from the fallout. Expect appliances to break, a consistently uncharged phone, lost keys, important papers and what feels like your mind.

What’s going to get you through this messed-up Mercury retrograde cycle? Deep down you know what you need, so pay attention to that little voice inside your head. Your intuition will do its best to guide you through these tough times'just make sure to accept the help where you can get it!

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (October 31 ' November 19)

Scorpio is the master of control, so what happens when Mercury goes retrograde and causes chaos while in this determined, powerful sign? Well, for starters, you can kiss your voice of reason goodbye. Things that made sense yesterday are suddenly all jumbled up, and Scorpio's questioning energy isn't sure what to do with that uncertainty.

Feeling suspicious and insecure can be the result, with paranoia and second-guessing yourself not far behind. Issues that you never dealt with in the past can also come back to haunt you now, adding to the usual annoyances and nuisances that Mercury retrograde brings. Wondering how best to deal with them this time around? Take a deep breath. Scorpio's intuitive energy helps you find your way out of most sticky situations by guiding you away from self-doubt and toward the light. You know that saying, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?' Make that your motto this season.

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