Mercury Retrogrades 2021

Mercury Retrogrades 2021

A new year means a new set of Mercury retrogrades to deal with—and the annoying slow-downs that come with them. While it can be hard to think or express yourself clearly during one of Mercury’s backward journeys, not all is lost. This year, we can rely on creative thinking, logic, and balance to help us navigate retro-storms.

The three 2021 Mercury retrograde periods will take place entirely within the air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

While the notorious mental mix-ups and communication dramas may be a headache, each retrograde offers us an opportunity to refine certain things. This includes the way we interact with each other as well as our environment. It’s a chance to clean up some of our mental clutter so we can become our brightest, sharpest, most sociable selves.

So, grab your 2021 calendar to mark the dates and details of the year’s upcoming Mercury retrogrades.

January 30 – February 20 

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Keywords: Friend drama, out-of-the-box ideas, tech issues, abstract stuff

mercury retrograde Aquarius

Mercury’s energy in Aquarius inspires us to look optimistically toward the future and open our minds to new ways of thinking. But it’s important not to get too ahead of yourself during this retrograde. Instead of trying to generate a bunch of new ideas, scan through old ones and see if you can give them new life via a fresh perspective.

This retrograde is great for polishing up old but innovative plans. So, if you’ve been toying with a weird and wonderful new creative concept, spend this time reflecting on it and making it sparkle before you let it loose.

Technology may feel like an especially big mess during this backspin, so hold off on electronic purchases and brace yourself for digital meltdowns. If you need to have important convos with friends or colleagues, try to link up face-to-face or voice-to-voice. There’s less chance of misinterpretation!

Dealing with multiple perspectives at work or within your crew of friends can be a challenge, so keep an open mind and focus on the collective good rather than individual dramas.

It’ll be hard to see very far into the future during this retrograde, so let yourself be inspired by the past and embrace an unconventional way of problem-solving in the face of Mercury’s shenanigans.

May 29 – June 22

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Keywords: Miscommunication, gossip, confusion, travel snags, patience

mercury retrograde Gemini

When Mercury is in Gemini, we feel curious, inquisitive, and social. That means classic retrograde clashes will reign supreme! It’ll be easy to run into miscommunications or confusion as we go about our daily business. Focus on doing one thing at a time. Attempting to do a million things at once will leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s okay to move slowly to ensure you’re not overlooking anything!

Chatty Gemini energy loves to speculate, so try not to give into gossip during this retrograde; rumors can sprout wings and start flying! Getting your point across can easily devolve into a game of telephone, so embrace the slow-down and take a moment to think before you speak. Double-check your calendar before confirming a date and re-read texts or emails before sending.

Because quick-thinking Gemini likes to move fast, the biggest challenge of this retrograde will be patience. Rushing around and jam-packing our schedules will ultimately only slow us down. Leave extra wiggle room in your schedule and accept that you might not slay everything on your to-do list. With a little extra patience (and a lot of deep breaths), you can use this retrograde as an opportunity to hit pause before resuming the usual flow of nonstop action.

September 26 – October 18

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Keywords: Relationship drama, indecisiveness, legal issues, imbalance

mercury retrograde libra

Libra is the sign of partnerships, so Mercury zooms in on our interpersonal relationships during this backspin. While your love life might feel strained or plagued by past dramas, this is a great time to address unresolved communication issues. It's also a good time to correct imbalances once and for all. (This applies to close one-on-one bonds within work and friendship, too!)

Conflict isn’t fun for anyone, but if drama bubbles up, we have an opportunity to work through them with Libra’s natural grace, diplomacy, and sense of balance on our side.

Mercury retrograde in Libra will also have us weighing the pros and cons of things without much clarity. Avoid making final decisions on important matters or signing contracts if you can help it.

While it’s great to consider your options, try to hold off on setting anything in stone until after the retrograde clears—especially if it’s legally binding. Otherwise, you could end up second-guessing yourself or losing a shot at a better deal.

The timing snags, communication issues, and technical glitches that we run into during this retrograde will be easier to manage when we embrace balance. Libra energy values fairness, harmony, and diplomacy. So, channel your inner mediator to diffuse drama and find the calm amidst this autumn retrograde storm.

Photos courtesy of @holistic_astrology