Virgo Birthday Horoscope

Essential Oil. Perfectionism can be exhausting. Decompress with soothing Eucalyptus oil, and you'll feel back to yourself in no time.

Brain Teaser. Virgos are natural brainiacs, so test your mettle with this cranium challenging puzzle.

Goal Journal. High standards mean big goals, and this productivity journal can help a Virgo stay motivated to reach for their dreams. Inspirational quotes pack an extra dose of self esteem.

Baskets. September babies are nothing if not detail oriented, preferring everything to have a place. Indulge your inner Marie Kondo with these handy organizational baskets.

Mud Mask. Virgo is an earth sign and a detoxifying mud mask is a great way to unwind, unclog, and get grounded. Next stop? Radiant skin.

Ceramic Mug. Whether studying up or warming up on a cold winter morning, this ceramic mug is the perfect addition to any Virgos routine.

Cookbook. Virgos are a particularly health conscious sign, making them naturals in the kitchen. Expand your culinary repertoire with this brainy cookbook that emphasizes science in cooking.

Bud Vase. Clean, chic, and scientific—sound like anyone you know? This beaker inspired bud vase is a great reflection of Virgo style.

Faux Flowers. Let's face it, most Virgos are taking on more projects than they can handle. Ease the stress with these faux flowers. You'll get all the mood boosting beauty with none of the watering.

Bookends. These whimsical gold rabbits will put a smile on the face while holding up your favorite tomes.

More Birthday Ideas for Virgo