Virgo Birthday Horoscope

For many Virgos, planning a trip is almost as much fun as taking it. Never one to completely unplug, you need stimulation—and a schedule. A major city will keep you busy, and provide the kind of cultural capital you can dive into, from museums to historical monuments. Do your research beforehand and plan a walking tour to really show off your organizational skills. Berlin or Prague are both great destinations to soak in a mix of history and modernism (and bonus points if you get to try another language).

If you want to stay in the states, consider Boston for its history (Virgos never stop learning) and walkability. While you're there, carve out some time to visit Salem and make some birthday magic at Hauswitch, a local boutique that specializes in all things metaphysical. Their new "Now Age" tours will school you on everything witchy Salem has to offer. Then, treat yourself to one of their graphic journals or moon phase coasters—perfect for the witch who wants to stay organized.

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