Gemini Birthday Horoscope

As the kings and queens of chat and gossip, you love a good party Gemini. Yours is the sign of communication, so you know how to work a room. Surround yourself with people who can deal with your dry and sarcastic wit and who also like to indulge in a bit of gossip.

Plan a boozy brunch with your best girlfriends where you can catch up and gab over mimosas in true Gemini fashion. And even though you are known to have a sharp tongue, you are as loyal as you are vivacious and spending time hearing about the lives of the people around you is important to you.

You also appreciate an equally clever and quick wit, so if you don't want to be the one doing all the talking, how about a night out at a comedy club? Natural jesters, you're always in for a laugh. And just like a good comedian, your mind is always full of ideas and interesting observations. After the show head to dinner for more lively conversation. Since you like variety, go out for tapas or Dim Sum.

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