Aquarius Birthday Horoscope

H.P Lovecraft Collection. This six-book set contains all of the science fiction writer's work, sure to ignite the imagination of any Aquarian. And bonus—the beautifully designed covers will look great on any bookshelf.

iPad. Aquarians are born techies who love to tinker with electronics. From games and music to a never-ending series of apps, a new iPad will keep you occupied all year.

Cord Organizing Case. That aforementioned love of technology? It comes with a lot of cords. Keep things organized and streamlined with this nifty case. The modern gray and orange color combo also makes it easy to spot in a crowded suitcase.

Bad Feminist: Essays. Always with an ear tuned into social justice, this must read by Roxanne Gay is a necessary addition to modern life.

Incense Cones. These multi-hued collection of incense cones (with scents that range from jasmine to sandalwood) will add a pop of color and whimsy to your home.

The Maverick Soul Book. Everyone knows, Aquarians march to the beat of their own drums. Get birthday inspiration with this coffee table book, full of the art and lives of eccentrics from London to New York.

Holographic Handbag. No one does futuristic fashion quite like an Aquarian and this holographic bag is the kind of showstopping piece that fits you to a tee.

Super Stars. These glow in the dark stick on stars aren't just for kids, they're also ideal for adult space junkies who need some night time inspiration.

Telescope. Your friends might describe you as not of this world, but that's why you love them! Help them find their own home planet with a telescope.

Body Glitter. Get a leg up on the next music festival (or just a Tuesday) with this fun body glitter.

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