Your Weekend Lovescope: A New Moon Turns Over a New Leaf

By Virginia Mason

On April 13, 2018

In Aspect, Date, Sex

Your Weekend Lovescope: A New Moon Turns Over a New Leaf

Go ahead and breathe a deep sigh of relief! This Sunday, Mercury goes direct on the Aries new moon!

You realize now who you are and who you want to become. The moon conjuncts the sun and Uranus, merging rebel energy with Aries’ fierce assertive, self-driven fire. No one is going to stand in your way, and there’s no room to take any sh*t. You only need to care about things worth caring about, and you get to decide what those are. Release all the distractions and needless drama and rules, and be exactly who you are.

On Tuesday, Chiron will move into Aries for the first time in over 30 years. You better believe you’ll be feeling this pending transit with the new moon. Together, they’re kickstarting an eight-year cycle of deep, healing work on our egos! And this will impact your love life big time.

Venus in Taurus trines Mars in Capricorn. Romance is reserved for the real deal. And finding that is increasingly likely to happen because we will all be truer to ourselves. It really is true that the thing that matters most in love is being yourself so you can be loved for who you are, not for who anyone else wants you to be. So don’t let people shame you.

You don’t need fixing. You deserve to be here. All you need to do is shine.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: The Aries new moon resets your Self. You are ready to take over the world in the best way possible. It’s time to step into your power and don’t hold back. The world wants what you have to give.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Mars squares the moon. You’re an all new version of yourself, and you aren’t quite sure how to move forward. You’re going to have to learn new ways of doing things, but this new path will lead you to the top of the mountain you’re climbing.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t lose. (Thanks, Friday Night Lights!)

Passion Prediction:                                              
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Venus trines Mars! Sexually and professionally, the energy is great for you. You get what you when you’re clear about what that is and when you refuse to settle for anything less.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Venus opposes Jupiter. This makes you a little less lucky in love. Focus on the positive and keep your sights on the big picture. You will not stay here forever.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Embrace the mystery.

Passion Prediction:                                
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury goes direct! After three weeks of feeling like a total head case, you’re finally thinking clearly. Speak your truth and don’t hold back!
This Weekend’s Mystery: The Aries new moon darkens your friendships. What relationships do you need to let go? There’s only time for the people who accept you just as you are.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I’m not too much. I am just enough. 

Passion Prediction:                            
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: The new moon helps you birth whole new parts of yourself. Parts that are strong and ready to stand on their own. Go after the big career dream, and while romantic partners are great, know that they aren’t essential for what’s to come.
This Weekend’s Mystery:  The moon squares Mars!  You become focused on yourself and your needs. This makes it hard to connect sexually. Remember to put yourself in other people’s shoes.
This Weekend’s Mantra: My ambition and compassion go hand in hand. 

Passion Prediction:            
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: The sun, moon, and Uranus come together to give you a big confidence boost and tons of clarity. Stand proud! Set an intention for what you want to build going forward and pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come.
This Weekend’s Mystery: The sun challenges Mars. You’re so focused on yourself and your work and serving others, and this is beautiful, but don’t forget about the person who’s been by your side even when you didn’t feel so hot. Show your love some extra appreciation!
This Weekend’s Mantra: I can do whatever I set my mind to. 

Passion Prediction:                     
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: The Aries new moon brings much needed magic and hot sex back into your life, but remember that you have to make space for magic. Loosen up your schedule, and ditch the to-do list.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Mercury conjuncts Chiron and Klio. You may need some alone time to figure out how you can receive the recognition you desire in your career, but don’t let that get in the way of the magic. See above!
This Weekend’s Mantra: Be here now. 

Passion Prediction:     
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Venus trines Mars in Capricorn! This is great for love and money! Increased stability is headed your way, and this time it actually supports your ambitions. Prepare to get what you want.
This Weekend’s Mystery: The new moon breathes fresh energy into your love life and all partnerships! Make sure that energy is headed in the direction you desire. Set a clear intention about what you want and how you want to be treated!
This Weekend’s Mantra: I deserve it all!

Passion Prediction:      
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s MagicThe Aries new moon connects you to yourself, which connects you to everything because you are connected and you are here to serve. Give the world everything you’ve got, but don’t forget to give to yourself too.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Your rulers, Mars and Pluto, square the new moon. It’s time to blaze new trails and do things differently than how you’ve been doing them. This is scary, but go ahead, embrace the unknown.
This Weekend’s Mantra: There are no limits to what you’re capable of. 

Passion Prediction:                 
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: The new moon marks a new start in love! Rejoice in this new cycle in your relationship by having fun! Just play.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Venus in Taurus pushes you to get comfortable with commitment. Find real stability in love by finding excitement in the little things, not just the big moments.
This Weekend’s Mantra:  In every moment, we are new people. 

Passion Prediction:         
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: Neptune sextiles Mars and brings an extra dreamy quality to life and love. You’re more connected to magic and intuition. Let this lead you, and trust your gut!
This Weekend’s Mystery: Capricorn challenges the Aries new moon. You can’t keep doing things the same way. Be different! Be bold! Embrace your inner rebel!
This Weekend’s Mantra: I make the rules.  

Passion Prediction:    
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: The Aries new moon falls on your ruling planet, Uranus. This is almost like a mini Aquarius new moon but with all the fire and courage of Aries. What would you do if nothing was holding you back? Now is the time!
This Weekend’s Mystery: Capricorn and Uranus don’t get along right now. You may be aggressive and overly impulsive and choose something that doesn’t seem smart long term, but that’s okay. The truth is that every little thing is actually helping you out, even the detours.
This Weekend’s Mantra: All roads lead to the top of the mountain 

Passion Prediction:           
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: The Aries new moon gives you an especially huge confidence boost. You realize your worth and choose from here. Go reread the top of this article and remember – Do. Not. Settle.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Chiron is finally leaving Pisces! You’ve been hosting this challenging asteroid for eight years. Notice how you feel in these final days. There may be a major push toward personal healing, but most likely, you’ll just feel free-er and free-er.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am free.

Passion Prediction: 

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