Your Weekend Love Horoscope for January 26 to January 28: Surprises Are in Store. Are You Ready?

By Virginia Mason

On January 26, 2018

In Date, Love, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for January 26 to January 28: Surprises Are in Store. Are You Ready?

After 47 days in Scorpio, Mars just entered Sagittarius! Mars rules our passion and sexuality, and with it in Sagittarius, love is all about broadening our horizons. This can include everything from enjoying multiple lovers to trying new things with your partner. It’s a great time for exploring new places—restaurants, city sights, rural retreats, you name it. The point is to go outside your comfort zone and stay open to suggestions. If an opportunity presents itself, say yes and see where it leads. Adventure fuels passion and excitement, and spontaneity will be rewarded. A Gemini moon bodes well for romance on Saturday, and like Sagittarius, Gemini wants to explore and try new things. But for Gemini, the exploration is more mental, so if Mars isn’t pushing you to travel, then you certainly want to at least make time for great conversation. Connecting with any lover in this way will help open your heart.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars in Sagittarius adds fire to your already fiery ways. Passion runs high, and sex is hot! Enjoy wherever this adventure leads. Experience is the goal.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Uranus squares Mercury, and it’s hard to express yourself. Let your guard down, speak your truth, and do it in person. Text is far too easy to misinterpret.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I will let my open heart lead the way.

Passion Prediction:                             
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury in Capricorn brings you peace of mind. Turn inside and spend time alone. You’ll need the stability and clarity this provides.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are begging for change, and you struggle to find your true north. Only you can lead the way. No lover has the answer.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Everything is okay. I am safe. 

Passion Prediction:                         
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: The Gemini moon opens your heart. Go out into the world! Meet someone new, talk with new people. Saturday is a great time for falling in love or lust.???????
This Weekend’s Mystery: The moon creates a general funk on Sunday. You’re up one day and down the next. Take alone time to explore your moodiness and internal rhythm.???????
This Weekend’s Mantra: Life is a cycle. Breathe through it.

Passion Prediction:                    
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: The moon sharpens your perception and allows you to connect to your lover in new ways. Read a book together, watch a movie, or go to a museum. Nourishing your mutual intellectual curiosity will bring you closer together.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Chiron and Saturn pick at your insecurities. You fear you don’t have what it takes, but be kind to yourself. You can’t expect to be a pro at something right off the bat.
This Weekend’s Mantra: With each fall, I grow stronger.

Passion Prediction:  
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars, Venus, and the sun encourage innovation. Get creative—make music, paint, strategize—and do it with the one you’re with. Creativity infuses love with joy and play.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Venus takes you off course. The ideas and connections forming now aren’t likely to last. And they may very well be gone by Wednesday’s full moon eclipse in Leo. Enjoy them while you can.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Drop expectations and just let it be.

Passion Prediction:             
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury keeps good fortune flowing your way! Stay connected to practical matters and what you feel to be true. An intimate night at home is your ideal date night.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Mars inspires change, but be careful. Don’t get distracted by the myriad of ideas running through your head. You’ve made your analysis, and you’re on track.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I already have everything I need.

Passion Prediction:
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Venus makes you feel loved through great conversation. Call the people you care about, and allow discussion to flow freely with any partner.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Jupiter can make love feel stale, but not every second of a relationship is about growing together and changing. It’s okay to have routine.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am loved.

Passion Prediction:
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Jupiter sharpens your senses and helps you tackle practical matters. You’re an excellent problem solver and ready to take on mental tasks—like speaking openly about finances with your partner.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Mars makes you want to stray. There’s nothing wrong with fantasizing! It’s normal to be curious about other people. Just make sure you stay true to what you really want long term.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I have the power to create the life I want. 

Passion Prediction:         
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars strikes you like a bolt of lightning. You have all the energy in the world to accomplish what you want. So decide what that is, clear your schedule, and go for it!

This Weekend’s Mystery: With all the busy energy moving through you, you’re likely to make moves just because you’re restless. Slow down. Don’t give in to every urge. Unless it’s really what you want.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I have time. There’s no need to rush. 

Passion Prediction:     
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars and Pluto push you toward positive change. Break your habits and get out of the house. This will open your mind and help you appreciate how much more there is to learn.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Uranus may make you feel like you’re losing your freedoms, but that’s just your stubborn, scared mind talking. You are free. You only become trapped when you refuse to welcome change.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am ready for what’s next. 

Passion Prediction: 
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Venus and the sun bring tremendous abundance into your life. You aren’t sure what to to do with all your new options. But you don’t have to make a decision yet, so just be grateful.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Mercury challenges your priorities. You’re likely to put any partner ahead of yourself. But you’re just as important if not more important, so learn how to balance your needs.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I will take care of future me. 

Passion Prediction:        
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Neptune and Jupiter soothe your soul. Your awareness is peaking, and you can trust yourself right now. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what’s coming. You already know.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Mercury challenges your priorities. You’re likely to put any partner ahead of yourself. But you’re just as important if not more important, so learn how to balance your needs.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am love.  

Passion Prediction: 

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