Your Weekend Love Horoscope for February 2 to February 4: This Weekend is Built for Bliss

By Virginia Mason

On February 2, 2018

In Aspect, Astrology, Love

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for February 2 to February 4: This Weekend is Built for Bliss

I hope you’re still standing after Wednesday’s full moon lunar eclipse! If you’re bursting with joy, feel the joy. If you’re heart is breaking, let it break. If you’re not feeling much of anything and wondering what the big deal is with eclipses, have patience. This Friday’s Virgo moon brings some much needed earth energy after all of Leo’s full moon fire, and we’ll be spending the rest of the weekend absorbing Libra’s harmonious rays. They’re sending lots of love and light toward Mercury and the sun as we process the full moon’s energy. And because Libra rules the house of marriage, this is bound to soothe any post-eclipse heartache. Love that withstood the eclipse is going to feel even stronger and supported. Rest and reflect, and if you can’t seem to stop your mind from whirring, turn to your trusty yoga mat or meditation practice. Sunday is built for bliss.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars sextiles Mercury. You’re expressing yourself clearly through your words and your actions. And if you simply take a moment to think before you act, you’re sure to make the right choice, so don’t doubt yourself.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Mercury opposes the north node. You’re struggling with issues of fate versus free will. How in control are you, really? Don’t allow your skepticism to stop you from making thoughtful choices. Life is a combination of both fate and free will.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I have the power to affect the world around me.

Passion Prediction:                               
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Venus helps you find your balance. If you’re feeling rocked, lean into love. Pamper yourself with luxury and act from a place of love toward yourself and others.

This Weekend’s Mystery: The north node leaves you feeling unsure about what to do next, but it’s okay not have a clear map laid out in front of you. Embrace the unknown and let things unfold in their own time.
This Weekend’s Mantra: This place in my life was marked on a map for me.  

Passion Prediction:                           
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury trines the moon. Communication flows smoothly, and people are ready to meet you where you are. Let your mind wander and share freely. Anyone special in your life is ready to talk.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Uranus breeds insecurity on Friday. You’ll worry your thoughts aren’t welcome, and your voice feels trapped. Don’t let this get to you. It will help you appreciate the high the rest of the weekend brings.
This Weekend’s Mantra: My thoughts are worth expressing. 

Passion Prediction:                    
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: The moon heightens your desire for marriage, and you’re willing to look outside the box to build a lasting partnership. Now’s a good time to have a real conversation with your lover about what sort of arrangement would work best for both of you.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Friday’s Virgo moon fuels self deception. You may think you have all the information, but you’re likely fooling yourself. Don’t assume anything. Ask real, honest questions.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I’m committed to my happiness. 

Passion Prediction:    
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: The sun trines the moon and draws you back to your emotional center. You are calm within the storm, and love flows through you seamlessly.

This Weekend’s Mystery: You’re still processing the eclipse energy big time. Don’t commit to too many things this weekend. Busy is not the goal. Give yourself plenty of space for truth to unfold.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am a bottomless well of love and compassion. 

Passion Prediction:             
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury brings emotional comfort and passion into your life. You may feel a tad neurotic, but you’ll find comfort in sharing your mind’s busy thoughts with a close friend or your lover. Open up to feel connected.

This Weekend’s Mystery: The Virgo moon opposes Neptune, and you struggle to feel life’s mystery and risk taking yourself too seriously. Beware adopting a scarcity mentality in which you feel like you don’t have enough time, money, or people who love you.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Abundance flows freely. 

Passion Prediction:
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: A Libra moon fuels you this weekend. The whole world seems to be on your page. People want balance and harmony. No more fighting, and you are a beacon for this peace and love.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Chiron picks at you and makes you take on some long overdue healing. Pay attention to any nagging thoughts, feelings, and memories that arise and face them head on. No more running.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Love doesn’t always look perfect and rosy. 

Passion Prediction:
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars helps you clear your mind. Don’t stew in your thoughts and feelings. The more your go out into the world, the more you’ll come to understand your situation. Get moving and let the clarity flow.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Jupiter can make love feel like a struggle. It’s not that things are bad. They just aren’t particularly dynamic. They lack the intensity you love. Where can you find comfort and joy in the mundane?
This Weekend’s Mantra: I don’t always have to be on.

Passion Prediction:         
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
This Weekend’s Magic: Mars fosters self awareness. There’s no need to hold yourself back or slow down. You’ll gain the most clarity simply by being yourself and doing what comes naturally.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Jupiter squares Venus. You don’t want things to change. You’re happy with how things are. But you may feel pressured to make a choice. Stand your ground, and don’t give in.
This Weekend’s Mantra: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. 

Passion Prediction:      
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Friday’s Virgo moon trines Saturn, and you’re rooted in your power. Be clear about what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Saturn squares the moon on Sunday, and conflict may erupt. Something in you just wants to fight, but your lover wants to keep the peace. Watch yourself.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I don’t have to fight for what I want. All I have to do is ask. 

Passion Prediction: 
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Venus sextiles Uranus. You haven’t felt this free in love in awhile. You’re exactly where you feel comfortable being. If you’re single, embrace solo time, and if you’re partnered, spend time together. Highlight wherever you are.

This Weekend’s Mystery: The moon makes you avoid practical concerns. You’re likely to procrastinate on any tasks involving money and your home. Instead you want to spend time thinking and hanging out and being. Let yourself do this if you can.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I can have it all. 

Passion Prediction:        
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Weekend’s Magic: Pluto sextiles Neptune. You’re ready to embrace change and new beginnings, but this will take courage. Fearlessness is not the goal. Follow your heart even though it’s scary.

This Weekend’s Mystery: Mars leaves you feeling rattled. You’re inclined toward hermitting away and sticking with what you know, but you risk creating a fantasy world for yourself that isn’t based in reality. Push yourself to try something new.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am bold and brave. 

Passion Prediction: 

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