Your April Horoscope: It's a Season of Retrogrades. How Will Your Sign Handle It?


On April 3, 2018

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Your April Horoscope: It's a Season of Retrogrades. How Will Your Sign Handle It?

With Mercury still retrograde until the 15th, the month may feel confusing as it begins. In fact, the month can be divided into two sections, with intense planetary activity occuring in the middle. On April 14, Jupiter and Pluto form a powerful sextile, that can truly shape a legal, business, or personal relationship. On the 15th, Mercury turns direct, and an Aries new moon turns over a new leaf for all signs. On April 17, Chiron enters Aries after seven years in Pisces; a shift that can help us build confidence. Also on the 17th, Saturn turns retrograde, bringing responsibilities and to-do lists to light. Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd, and all signs may feel some power dynamics shifting. Finally, a Scorpio full moon on April 29th is passionate, intense, and helps all signs consider their place in the world and universe. Here, April horoscopes for all signs. 

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Aries April Horoscope
This is your month, Rams! You’re gearing up to the new moon on the fifteenth, when you can truly feel like all the loose ends are tied up, and you know what you want to do in the days and year ahead. You may share a part of yourself you’ve kept hidden from the world, and this can be a good — no, great — thing. Avoid conflict on April 26, when a conjunction between Mars and Pluto could cause some drama. Take that passion and use it somewhere else. And the brilliant April 29th full moon is a great day for shining bright. Bottom line: Be bold, be bright, and surprise yourself this month.
Standout Days:7, 10, 24
Challenging Days:4, 21 

Taurus April Horoscope 
On April tenth, when Venus trines Mars, desire and passion bloom—but so does conflict. You may feel like this is a tough weekend that makes or breaks a relationship, especially if it’s newish. On the fifteenth, a new moon asks you to look deeper inside yourself, as you may not be fully living up to your potential. On April nineteenth, the sun enters your sign. You’re raring to go! Start a project, and know this is a prime month for love. On April 29th, the full moon casts its glow on you and your love life. Stop waiting for your life to happen, and realize it already is happening, and it’s wonderful.
Standout Days: 7, 12, 24
Challenging Days: 1, 17

Gemini April Horoscope      
The beginning of the month is all about socializing, and you may be having far more fun than you’ve had in a long time. This is a good thing. Things feel easy and seamless, because they are, or can be. You don’t need to work so hard to get what you want. And when Mercury goes direct on the fifteenth, there’s no stopping you. You may have felt like you’ve had some false starts and missteps, but now, it’s all systems go. April 29th is a great day for change — if you’ve wanted to adopt a pet, sign up for a membership to a club, or buy a piece of furniture or a car, today is the day.
Standout Days: 14, 18, 23
Challenging Days: 4, 25

Cancer April Horoscope
The only thing that stays constant is change, right? Watch out early in the month for a career shakeup. It could be a good thing, but may be a bit unsettling as it happens. Speak up and toot your own horn, or have someone do it for you. You need to be proactive in showing the value you bring to the organization or business. Mark your calendar for the twenty-first; a romantic date when a Cancer moon trines Venus, and Cancers are about to get lucky in love. The full moon brings surprises, and maybe a trip. Loosen your grip on your credit card; this might be worth a splurge.
Standout Days: 12, 17, 30
Challenging Days: 7, 21

Leo April Horoscope
Lions are gearing up for the April ffiteenth new moon, and you may find a lot of random invites being thrown your way. Everything will make sense. For now, socialize, enjoy, and try not to look for a bigger pattern. There may not be one. You are having fun and are in your element. On April nineteenth, the sun enters Taurus, and you’re all about the finer things in life. Remember balance. Pampering is great, but you’ve got to keep focused, too. As the days near the April 29 full moon, home becomes important, and some minor improvements could make a big difference in your happiness. Even lions need a safe and comfortable place to sleep!
Standout Days: 1, 18, 29
Challenging Days: 10, 26

Virgo April Horoscope
Your intuition is on fire in the early part of the month, and the more you can follow it, the better. It’s better to stand back and listen and observe in the early part of the month than make a statement; there will be plenty of time for speaking your mind in the future. Right now, trust you may not know the whole story. On April 15th, when Mercury goes direct, it’s a great time to reach out to someone you may have had a falling out with. You may need that closure. The April 29th full moon highlights the importance of asking for help. You can’t do things alone. And you shouldn’t want to! Ask for help and you’ll get what you need.
Standout Days: 4, 5, 20
Challenging Days: 10, 22

Libra April Horoscope
When Venus trines Mars on April tenth, you gain romantic confidence, and it’s a great few days to really take the lead in any romance related matters. On the new moon on the fifteenth, love may approach from an angle you didn’t expect — remember, don’t fall into having a type. The person you may feel attraction to could be the person you least expect. On April 24, when Venus enters Gemini, you may find yourself juggling multiple romantic options. Don’t overthink things, and now is not the time for “the talk/” An April 29th full moon can be magical as far as money is concerned; you may feel like things are finally going your way after months of finding your footing. Remember, things don’t have to be so hard.
Standout Days: 7, 12, 27
Challenging Days: 17, 26

Scorpio April Horoscope
Your intuition is trying to tell you something, and peaks at the April 15th full moon. Listen to your gut, literally. If your stomach is grumbling, it may mean a path isn’t the right one. The Mars and Pluto conjunction on April 26th can be a tough one to handle; everyone’s tensions are high, Be careful not to let a minor issue become a major one. The April 29th full moon can feel like a culmination of all your hard work. You may feel more comfortable in your own skin than ever before, and may feel truly at peace with yourself and your world. Savor it. This month should be all about feeling comfortable and at peace — and if you don’t feel that, fix it.
Standout Days: 2, 10, 23
Challenging Days: 22, 26

Sagittarius April Horoscope
Everything in the beginning of April leads up to a magical April 15 new moon, when you may feel like you’re finally finding the fun in life, after a few months grappling the big questions. On April 17, an opposition between Venus and Jupiter could bring confusion. Sort through the noise, and know that time is your friend. Don’t rush into decisions, and consider meditation as a way to calm the world around you. On April 29, the full moon shines it’s light on special people in your life, and you may find supporting them brings you just as much joy as focusing on your own projects. It’s a month that’s all about community, so think big.
Standout Days: 3, 21, 30
Challenging Days: 11, 17

Capricorn April Horoscope
You may feel like your life is pivoting on the April 15 new moon, and tying up loose ends at the beginning of the month — including letting go of a going nowhere relationship — can free up room for the things you want to focus on this spring and summer. When Sarturn goes retrograde on the seventeenth, it’s a good time to relax, let go of control, and maybe stop having such a tight handle on your work life. Let things unfold a bit and use this week to socialize, relax, and even let some deadlines slide a bit. A sun-Saturn trine on April 29 puts you back in power, and your social life also receives special attention on the full moon of April 29. In short, the end of the month is all about mastering work and play — find the balance, and win at life!
Standout Days: 2, 7, 16
Challenging Days: 5, 27


Aquarius April Horoscope 
As the days lead up to the new moon of April 15, expand your horizons, explore the outer reaches of your social circle, and let new people in. On April eighteenth, when the sun conjoins Uranus, it’s time to stop playing it safe and step into the spotlight. The April 29 full moon is excellent for career and love, a chance for you to fully own your confidence and go after what you want. You have all the tools at your disposal. You’ve done the work. You may find the next step is far more easier than you think — keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and your eyes and ears open.
Standout Days: 2, 7, 29
Challenging Days: 22, 26

Pisces April Horoscope
It can be a tricky month of feelings, culminating in a moon-Neptune conjunction on April 12, which may make you feel extra sensitive. Honor your boundaries and your values. On the fifteenth, the new moon asks you to focus on your finances; you may have sources of income you haven’t even considered. On April 29, open your heart and mind and consider volunteering — you may think you don’t have time, but carving out space to help others is exactly what you didn’t even know you needed to do. Again, it’s all about finding the work and path that speaks to you. Regular check ins with your inner self are everything this month.
Standout Days: 12, 21, 30
Challenging Days: 11, 26

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