Why Is Aquarius Attracted to Leo?

By Jessica Estrada

On August 4, 2022

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Why Is Aquarius Attracted to Leo?

As the saying goes, “opposites attract,” and airy Aquarius and fierce and fiery Leo are a perfect example of that.

Whether it’s in love or friendship, there are many reasons why Aquarius is attracted to Leo and vice versa, despite their differences. Below, learn why these two signs are attracted to one another and what makes them such a strong match. 

Do Aquarius and Leo Get Along?

Although Aquarius and Leo are opposite zodiac signs representing two different polarities, they can get along very well, says Lisa Stardust, an NYC-based astrologer, author, and tarot card reader. However, she notes Aquarius’ and Leo’s ability to get along largely depends on whether or not Leo can act maturely around Aquarius, which is one of the mature zodiac signs.

If so, “Aquarius can give Leo room to breathe and bask in the spotlight,” she says. “And, they will both be supportive of each other’s dreams and visions which will keep them together.” 

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Are Aquarius and Leos Compatible?

In terms of Aquarius and Leo compatibility, these two signs have it in the bag.

“Aquarius is attracted to Leo’s confidence,” Stardust says. “They like to be with people who are sure of themselves and unwavering in their beliefs.” And, she adds, given that they are both fixed signs, Aquarius and Leo will always find a way to come together thanks to their consistent behavior, which Aquarius also considers attractive—in case you were wondering why Aquarius is attracted to Leo. 

Sexual Compatability 

When it comes to love compatibility, and more specifically Aquarius and Leo’s sexual compatibility, the relationship between the water bearer and the lion can be a bit more complicated but sizzling and spicy nonetheless.

“Aquarius is a dune voyeur, which means that Leo might have to act things out for them,” Stardust says. However, Leo, a born performer who loves being the center of attention, certainly won’t mind taking the spotlight. 

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Friendship Compatibility

Because Aquarius and Leos are polar opposites, they can either be BFFs or the worst of enemies. “Once again, it really depends on the way Leo acts because they can be immature at times,” Stardust says.

“However, they will always rely on each other and find a confidant in the other. Both of their hearts are [unwavering], which means that they will always be each other’s ride or die no matter what.” In other words, Aquarius and Leo friendships are forever. 


Are two Aquarius compatible?

Now that we know why Aquarius is attracted to Leo, we wonder how two Aquarius people match up. According to Stardust, the answer is exceptionally well because they’ll see and appreciate the altruistic and humanitarian ideals in each other. However, “the caveat is that they will both get on their [soap] boxes 24/7 and preach to each other, which may leave little room for one of them to talk about their hopes and goals,” she says. 

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Why might Aquarius and Leo not get along?

The Leo and Aquarius attraction is strong, but some things can trip them up. “There could be differences in the wave of a reaction to situations emotionally,” Stardust says. “Leo is more dramatic, and Aquarius is more reserved. Finding a middle ground can really help transform the way they react to each other when annoyances occur.” 

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