The 2 Most Stereotyped Zodiac Signs and Why You Should Stop Hating

By Samuel Reynolds

On December 30, 2020

In Astrology, Gemini, Scorpio

The 2 Most Stereotyped Zodiac Signs and Why You Should Stop Hating

You’ve heard of body shaming but you might not be familiar with zodiac sign shaming. That’s right—a casual astrology convo can quickly turn uncomfortable after that fated, moment-of-truth question: What sign are you?

So let’s get real, why is it when you meet Geminis or Scorpios you immediately feel skeptical of them? It’s not uncommon for a Gemini to hear, “Oh! You’re a Gemini?! Doesn’t that mean you’re a two-faced liar?” Meanwhile, the other most-hated—and misunderstood—sign, a Scorpio, often hears reactions like: “You’re scary.”

Harsh, right? Especially coming from someone you just met. Here’s the truth about these two complex signs.

Why Do People Hate Geminis?

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, may be to blame for their missteps.

A solid place to start is with the planetary rulers, or guardians, for each sign. Mercury is Gemini’s ruler, and the original trickster god in both the Greek and Roman pantheons. He loves to play with our heads and perceptions of things. He also governs all ways that anything gets from point A to point B. This means he oversees all things related to communication, commerce, and commuting, like traveling by plane, car, bike, etc. So, who wouldn’t be suspicious of airy Gemini when a dodgy character like Mercury rules the sign?

Yet, the distrust is misplaced.

But they are not tricksters or two-faced.

Don’t discount Gemini’s planetary ruler for his love of playing pranks. Mercury is also very powerful in several underappreciated ways. He’s the only god in mythology who can travel between the gods of Olympus, the humans on Earth, and the dead in the underworld. Some folks are too locked in their own ways of thinking and speaking to bridge the gaps that exist between us—not Gemini, though. They live for those gaps.

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This means that Geminis can have a unique ability to communicate with people at different levels. That flexibility can be seen as flakiness, which is more our fault than theirs. We resist the adaptability of Gemini, preferring straight black-and-white answers rather than rainbowed nuances. What about all those lies? Also a matter of those gray areas this sign gets that not everybody does. Plus a Gemini is like an information sponge, and with so much input, some facts may get misfiled or reordered.

Why Do People Hate Scorpios?

Scorpio’s zodiac symbol (Scorpion) and planet (Pluto), may be to blame.

As a fluid water sign, Scorpio is even harder to pin down. While you may associate Scorpios with sex, that’s really because it’s the sign that rules our reproductive organs. But guess what? Every sign is associated with a body part. Gemini, for example, is associated with the lungs and arms, but no one says, “You’ve got great lung capacity.” Maybe sex is such a taboo topic that just the association of sex organs is enough to send people down a path of judginess. Though, Scorpio’s associated traits of secretiveness, possessiveness, and obsession do give the effect of a bodice-ripping romance novel hero or heroine.

Mars, the Roman god of war, is the historic planetary ruler of Scorpio. But astrologers also associate the horoscope sign with the planet Pluto, named for the Roman god of the underworld. Then there’s the Scorpio symbol: a scorpion, a poisonous creature. So we have three subjects—war, death, and poisonous creatures—that understandably dampen people’s enthusiasm for Scorpio. But that’s if we’re being literal.

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But Scorpios are not “scary.”

Like the winter turning into spring, with death comes new life. That transformation and cyclical nature of the universe is powerful, and that power is what makes a Scorpio hum. Ultimately, conflict, death, and danger allow us to appreciate peace, new beginnings, and health.

Zodiac signs are not meant to be generalizations of entire groups of people, all tied up in a neat package. Our differences need to be appreciated and learned from rather than dismissed if we are going to evolve ourselves. Scorpio and Gemini get more than their fair share of hate because we want to only love and accept the simple, easy parts of life. Rejecting nuances and the darker corners of our minds doesn’t mean they’ll go away. That’s not from their stars. That’s often on us.

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