Weekly Horoscope: October 17–23, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On October 16, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: October 17–23, 2022

This week is packed with wise astrological energy that can teach you many valuable lessons about yourself — if you pay attention, that is. The peace-seeking Libra sun (our planetary confidence builder) is present until the last day. So, for the most part, you’ll be looking to keep your interactions fair, lowkey, and pleasant.

An exception to this comes with Wednesday’s tense square between lovely Venus (the universe’s resident vixen who also happens to be visiting balanced Libra) and transformational Pluto (the shadowy dwarf planet), when you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand. Control becomes very important to you during this planetary interaction, but being petty definitely doesn’t look good on you.

On Saturday, serious Saturn (the planet of authority) goes direct while partnered with airy Aquarius, which should help you move toward your goals while getting the chance to apply the important lessons you’ve been learning. The more unique and innovative your strategies and actions are now, the more successful you will be.

Two big cosmic jumps happen on Sunday as the sun and Venus move into intensely emotional Scorpio, pulling up some of those feelings you’ve tried to bury deep inside your subconscious. Of course, you only trust a handful of people with your most intimate secrets now but letting them out can be cathartic. This is your chance to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and re-emerge better and stronger than you were before.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You love a good success story, especially if it involves an underdog — which you tend to be a lot of the time, Aries. Although you do get in your own way a little too much, sometimes uncontrollable circumstances are to blame for the bad outcomes you experience. This week, though, you get what you give. So by the end of the week, you won’t have any excuses. You either find a way to get that W, or you don’t. The ball is completely in your court.

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With the sun spending the majority of the week in fellow Venus-ruled Libra, you’re digging the general vibe. You don’t let a lot of stuff bother you, but when it does, it really gets under your skin. With this subtle energy hitting you in your house of criticism, it’s time to loosen up a little bit, Taurus. What if you let this one thing slide, just this once? Putting your grudges on hold might be the key to happiness and success, at least for now.

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You love learning new things, Gemini, and with the adaptable Libra sun moving through your fifth house of creativity this week, your imagination can really help you branch out and grow in new ways. There will be some obstacles that get in your way and try to trip you up, but your cleverness combined with your charisma help you find the right solutions at the right time. You definitely exit the week in a better place than when you arrived.

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With the vibes radiating from the balanced Libra sun visiting your fourth house of home and family, Cancer, you’ll really be relying on your solid foundation to get you through the tough times this week. Whether you get the majority of your support from friends, family, coworkers, etc., those people are your ride or die’s, and you gain strength from your solid relationships with your core peeps this week. If you’re not feeling the love, this week’s obstacles will be difficult to get over.

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With the sun in charismatic Libra in your house of communication this week, you’re like a goodwill ambassador for life. Which is a pretty cool job if you can get it! OK, the pay isn’t great, but if you can put a smile on every person’s face you encounter, you would definitely consider that a priceless opportunity, right? There’s really no better sign that’s able to take the skills, gifts, and talents that the Universe bestows on them and turn them into pure gold like you can this week, Leo

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The balanced Libra sun is driving your energy this week, and as it highlights your second house of money and assets, you’re intent on getting your fair share. Of everything. But the beauty of this cosmic partnership is that it’s extremely mellow in its demands, which means you have a very smooth way of getting what you want (and deserve) without making any major waves, Virgo.

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Your world is enhanced this week by interacting with people who boost your self-esteem and lift your confidence level to new heights. With the sun in your powerful first house, partnerships are the focus as you navigate the twists and turns that come with each day. You strive for peace and balance, Libra, and can get through almost anything that the universe throws at you as long as you have your loved ones by your side.  

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You’re accurately labeled one of the biggest control freaks of the zodiac, so when things slip out of your grasp this week it could feel like the biggest catastrophe ever. Luckily, the gracious Libra sun is lighting up your twelfth house of karma and the subconscious, which means there are mysterious forces working behind the scenes to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Invite someone to join you even when you feel like being alone.   

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Everyone has their share of problems to deal with, but with the charming Libra sun traveling through your eleventh house this week, you don’t have to deal with them alone. You have a strong sense of community backing you during this social transit, and your networking skills can really take you places. Group activities are definitely favored, and you learn your best lessons from older, more experienced people. Listen closely and take their advice, Sag!

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You thrive on being successful, or at the very least competent, so the diplomatic Libra sun in your tenth house of career and recognition this week can help you reach the next level of whatever ladder you’re trying to climb. People above you can be excellent allies now, especially if you have a polished idea that’s ready to share. Fame, fortune, and everything in between can be yours when you use a combination of skill and charm to navigate the week’s professional challenges, Capricorn.

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When in doubt this week, Aquarius, just shut your eyes and take a leap of faith! The thoughtful yet indecisive Libra sun is traveling through your house of adventure, so your best results come from letting things happen organically and unravel spontaneously. What good would come from forcing the issue? There’s a higher meaning to everything that’s going on now; your experiences are wild, uninhibited, and extremely meaningful.

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Change is in the air, Pisces. Can you feel it? You’re an introvert at heart, but as a mutable sign, you can also get behind transformational energy when the time is right — and this is it, right here, right now. With the Libra sun transiting your regenerative eighth house, there’s no use resisting its cathartic energy anyway. Situations and people come and go through your life like waves this week. Some will leave you refreshed, and others will knock you on your butt, but they will all be memorable in their own way. 

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