Weekly Horoscope: May 13–19, 2024

Weekly Horoscope: May 13–19, 2024

With various asteroids dancing alongside the planetary interactions this week, you get a wide range of energy and opportunities for introspection that lead to important, life-changing revelations!

First up is nurturing Ceres heading retrograde while in ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday, prompting you to examine how your job connects with the other areas of your life. Are you working so hard that you’ve been neglecting a partner or other responsibilities? Or has your career suffered because you’ve been focused on other things, like taking care of a loved one? Consider what a healthy balance looks like for you and adjust things accordingly.

On Wednesday mental Mercury (the great planetary communicator) enters slow, deliberate Taurus, bringing a more practical, grounded approach to the way you interact with people. This isn’t the time to just say things impulsively! The more time you take curating your thoughts, the better impression you’ll make and the easier it will be to have productive conversations. 

Pallas, the asteroid representing strategic thinking, is retrograde as it enters transformative Scorpio on Thursday, which can bring up a lot of old baggage related to power struggles or past conflicts. What could you have done differently so that you got a more favorable outcome for yourself? Revisiting issues from a smarter, more insightful perspective makes a huge difference.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


It’s time to have a chat about money, Aries. Your money, a friend’s money—doesn’t matter whose it is as long as you’re talking about it honestly and from a common-sense perspective. If you’re in the mood to go on a spending spree, be sure to do your research, especially on big-ticket items like cars and real estate. Any impulsive investments you make should be low risk. 

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Your reputation is pretty sparkly clean this week, Taurus. The more deliberately and honestly you speak, the easier it is for people to understand (and agree with) your points and opinions. Choosing your words carefully, especially when talking about work or money topics, will help you work toward building the safe, secure life you’ve always dreamed about.

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You’re usually a quick thinker but your internal dialogue might be slowed down this week, Gemini. Who knew that when you finally stopped letting all those little distractions bother you, you’d become so focused and insightful! Now that you’re alone with your thoughts, this is the perfect time for introspection, meditation and exploring your subconscious desires. Tapping into your higher consciousness is a life-altering experience.

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Do you have what it takes to make it on your own? Of course, Cancer. But this week it pays to be more focused on working as part of a team on shared goals. Conversations with friends, coworkers and other like-minded groups might be more philosophical and abstract than usual, but you can deal. Focus on making quality connections over fleeting social interactions. The networking you do now is priceless.

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You can’t get to the top going warp speed this week, Leo. Well, maybe you can, but the risk of falling all the way back to the bottom is so much greater that way. The best way to climb up the ladder of success now is slow and steady.  You might get anxious as your competition passes you by, but the route you’re taking allows you to achieve more concrete results. Leave the flashy jobs behind. Careers that offer you stability and security are your best bet now.

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You love to learn, travel and grow this week, but don’t get ahead of yourself. The slower you go and the more deliberate you are, Virgo, the more the experiences you have will stick with you. The memories you make and the thoughts/opinions you form from in-depth exploration last a lifetime. 

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You have the ability to transform your whole world this week, Libra, but you have to be willing to slow down and take a smooth, graceful dive into the deep end. You need to know what’s hidden under the surface, and having conversations about finances, intimacy and other important things can be difficult but insightful. Feelings are complicated but dealing with them in an analytical way saves you from a lot of heartache.

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Your personal relationships are under the microscope now, Scorpio, so what will you see when you examine them up close? Sometimes things seem fine on the surface and then you look at them from another perspective and you’re shocked at what you see. Improving communication with partners, coworkers, friends and family members changes everything. Choose quality over quantity. Talking to them for five minutes about something important is better than being on the phone for an hour and not really saying anything.

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Your well-being is important this week, Sagittarius, and taking a more methodical approach to your health helps. Sticking to a consistent routine (getting plenty of rest and exercise) and focusing on healthy habits (eating better, interacting socially or kicking an unhealthy addiction) are especially beneficial to living a well-rounded, productive, and happy life.

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When you work, you work hard, Capricorn, so it just makes sense that the opposite —when you play, you play hard—is true as well. This week you’re focused on having a good time, but who says you can’t be extremely driven when it comes to your brand of fun?! Chances are good that your hobbies  also have a competitive component. And playing just for the fun of it takes a back seat to winning. 

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How long has it been since you’ve had a house or family meeting? This week the people you live with are your main focus, and keeping harmony and balance at home is extra important. Conversations with family members (or roommates) might be more sentimental or memory-based but try to keep it together. Stay focused on the topics you want to talk about, Aquarius.

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Communicating becomes a lot more comfortable this week. Getting in touch with relatives, old neighbors or friends you haven’t talked to in a while is less awkward now, so a conversation that could have been strained at another time flows easily now. If you’re spending time with close loved ones, deep conversations are preferred over quick exchanges, Pisces. Be sure to listen as much (or more than) you talk.

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