Weekly Horoscope: March 6–12, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: March 6–12, 2023

A major cosmic shift happens this week when serious Saturn (our universal teacher) makes a major leap from logical, innovative Aquarius to sensitive water sign Pisces on Tuesday. The start of this two-year transit brings some much-needed reflective, understanding energy into your life and encourages you to start working on healing wounds that have been open and/or ignored for far too long.

Also, on Tuesday, we’ll be experiencing a full moon (repping our emotional mother) in focused Virgo, which should help bring some of the details you’ve been glossing over into focus. Hyper-criticism of yourself and others is a common practice during this work-focused lunation. In fact, your harsh evaluations might be just what everyone needs to improve their performance, especially if it’s been super lackluster lately.

On Saturday, committed asteroid Juno leaves hot Aries for more reliable Taurus, so most of us will be settling down and in the mood for slow-paced, affection interactions vs. fast hookups. However, this conservative planetary interaction doesn’t have to equal boredom. There are lots of things you can do to prevent relationships from becoming stale and stagnant, and you’ll have a lot of fun figuring out exactly what some of those things are over the weekend!

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The universe is sending out major “slow down and relax” vibes this week, Aries, and fire signs like you feel especially targeted. It isn’t easy for you to hit the brakes and try living life at a lazier pace, but the rewards for being more attentive are definitely worth it. And although you also don’t like to be all in your feels, having more downtime to meditate and reflect is beneficial to your emotional well-being.

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There’s big full moon energy in like-minded Virgo early this week, which helps you focus on the things that really matter. Take some time to prioritize your goals and responsibilities so you can take care of the most important things first. If you offer criticism to anyone (including yourself), make sure it’s constructive. There’s no reason to be hard on anyone if there isn’t an important lesson to learn somewhere.

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With strict Saturn making a major move into your career zone this week, it’s time to examine your professional dreams. How doable are they, actually, Gemini, and how close are you to making them come true? If you’re happy just fantasizing about “what if,” that’s fine. But if you have any interest in making them a reality, it’s time to stop procrastinating and set the wheels in motion. Big dreams call for big actions.

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With determined Saturn linking up with subconscious Pisces, there’s major attention on your ninth house of learning and mind expansion this week and beyond. Philosophy is a favorite topic of yours now, and life seems a lot less black and white than usual. You’re up for all kinds of adventure now, Cancer, and exploring those gray areas lead to some amazing experiences that you won’t soon forget.

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Saturn’s big move this week illuminates your eighth house representing renewal and regeneration, Leo. In other words, the universe is telling you that it’s time for a change. But before you commit to anything major, examining your subconscious for direction is on your cosmic to-do list. As a fire sign, you’re probably ready to forge ahead, but this week’s planetary energy tells you to slow down and relax. A new you is coming, but it’s a process. What’s the rush?

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Your first house of identity, physical appearance, and new beginnings is targeted by the early week’s full moon, Virgo, so get ready for a major overhaul. You’re the first person to admit that some things in your life could probably benefit from getting reorganized, recycled, and refreshed, so put a plan in place and get started. This is also an excellent time to focus on your health, especially strength-building and endurance. Join a gym, sign up for an online class, or hire a trainer.

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We’re not gonna lie, Libra. This phase you’re headed into with determined Saturn pairing with dreamy Pisces in your detail-focused sixth house could be a rough one. As a sign who seeks balance, it can be pretty tough to obtain the equilibrium you desire with this topsy-turvy energy around you for the next two years. It’s nice to dream, but Saturn demands action, and you aren’t going to be at your active best. At least your instincts will be on point.

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It’s not that you want to be a buzzkill this week, but as rule-following Saturn moves into your fifth house of fun, you have difficulty lowering your inhibitions and letting yourself go. Imagine that. How can other people fully relax when there’s so much work that still has to get done? Maybe the best you can aim for now is a happy medium, Scorpio. Set some goals and then reward yourself when you meet them.

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With structured Saturn entering creative Pisces in your house of family life this week, Sagittarius, home life will get most of your attention. Something you’ve dreamed about and worked hard for at home is finally happening, and you could be overwhelmed at just the thought of it! Did you want it to happen? Heck yeah. But when reality intersects with fantasy, you might wonder just what in the world you were thinking!

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You can’t ignore the enormous energy shift when your home planet Saturn leaves aloof Aquarius for sensitive Pisces early in the week, Capricorn. With your third house of communication filling up with this psychic energy, it’s hard not to obsess over every possible path you could take. Both personal and professional decisions become a little bit harder now as you struggle about whether or not to trust your instincts. But when weighing all of your options takes too long, what other choice do you have?

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This week we see driven Saturn moving away from your rebellious air sign and into pensive Pisces in your second house, Aquarius, which is a strong indication that it’s time to get serious and do what it takes to be a little more secure in life. If you’ve been feeling a bit unsettled and unaccomplished, especially compared to your siblings or peers, this is your sign to get going. Creativity will be a big part of your success this week and beyond.

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Success-driven Saturn is moving into your first house of identity this week, Pisces, so there will be an inevitable amount of pressure on you to live up to everyone’s idea of what you could or should be, which is close to your worst-case scenario in so many ways. Not only are you embarrassed by the attention you get now, but the fact that a lot of it seems negative is too much to bear. Can anyone really blame you for wanting to retreat into an idealistic dream world?!

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