Weekly Horoscope: March 25–31, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On March 24, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: March 25–31, 2024

Talk about starting out with a bang and ending with a thud! This week’s cosmic energy goes from red hot to lukewarm in a flash, leaving you with a lot to process before it’s all over with.

Monday’s full moon (representing our emotional nature) in balanced Libra and the corresponding lunar eclipse are a combustion of cooperation, as they encourage you to let go of your ego and work with others to get the job done. This exciting rah rah rah vibe helps you put your cheerleader game face on and has you feeling super optimistic about what’s to come! Promising start, right?!

On Friday, though, strategic asteroid Pallas goes retrograde while in impromptu Sagittarius, putting a stop to your carefully laid plans. This erratic astral predicament has you second-guessing yourself and rethinking things you thought you already figured out. Is there something you overlooked, some red tape you ignored, or red flags you missed? We know you don’t want to slow down, but catching them now saves you a lot of headaches later.   

Your emotions get in the way of a lot of things over the weekend as dedicated Vesta moves into moody water sign Cancer and has you fixated on self-sacrifice and, in a lot of cases, self-sabotage. Why are everyone else’s wants and needs more important than your own? If you don’t set some boundaries, you’ll end up feeling like a doormat. Codependency might feel nurturing, but it’s not. Kick this unhealthy habit before it gets too far out of hand.

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With your relationship in full focus this week, Aries, you’ll be learning to play well with others. You’re normally the independent type, but even you can recognize when things have gone far enough and need your attention. This is an ideal time to call a truce, accept an apology, or say you’re sorry.

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Your work-life balance is called into question this week, Taurus, so it’s time to re-evaluate and reassess whether or not you’re dividing the minutes of the day up in a way that’s most advantageous to you. This can be a healthy, productive turning point that helps you be more effective, efficient and just generally happier overall. Prioritize your own well-being first, and then tend to your main relationships.

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This week’s lunar events bring a potent surge of energy for you, Gemini, especially when it comes to love, creativity, and self-expression. You’ll be looking for harmony and balance in these areas of your life, and you’re ready to do what it takes to reach a peaceful state of bliss. Letting go of unhealthy habits leaves you feeling lighter and less burdened than you have in quite some time. Once you make a commitment (especially to yourself), stick to it.

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Cancer, the moon affects you more than other signs, and this week’s lunar energy is a doozy! With your natural fourth house influenced the most, you’ll be feeling intense emotions associated with home, family, and your roots. You will need to establish a sense of harmony within your family unit and living situation, or this will be one long, triggering, and stressful week.

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Leo, your brilliant leader, the sun, is in Aries, opposing the full moon, early this week (coinciding with a lunar eclipse), that falls in your communication zone—whew, what a mouthful!  With your self-expression at stake, it will be necessary for you to speak out on your own behalf, especially since no one else is probably going to. Be honest, be fair, be tactful, and be charming, but, above all, be your own advocate! 

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Virgo, the value of your personal and professional relationships is up for assessment this week. You’ll be observing, analyzing, and ultimately ranking/prioritizing them based on what they bring to your life. Balance is important now, and being honest about what you bring to the table in all of your partnerships is a must. Do you need to open up more or set more/stricter boundaries? It’s time to get real.

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Your dynamic first house is hosting this week’s major lunar event, Libra, so the spotlight is fully on you and your identity. Reflecting on who you are and how you present yourself to the world is one of your main tasks, and you might be re-evaluating your relationships in regard to personal boundaries as well. Emotions run high, but you’re not about the drama. Release what no longer serves you and embrace a new, better version of yourself!

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Scorpio, you’re dealing with a lot of inner conflict this week as you struggle to find or keep the balance between asserting your own needs and maintaining peace within your tight circle. It’s no secret that you like to have complete control over most situations, but how is that working out for you? If you aren’t happy with the status quo, something’s got to give. Your dreams have power now. Don’t ignore important messages from your subconscious.

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This week can be a real turning point for you, Sagittarius. If you’ve lost your focus lately, your hopes and dreams come back into the spotlight, reminding you of your goals. And sure, you can probably be successful flying solo, but tapping into your vast network reminds you that you’re surrounded by people—friends, coworkers, your family, community, etc.—who can’t wait to pitch in. Deepening your personal connections reminds you not only where you came from, but there you’re going.

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Your career is what’s most important to you as you navigate this week’s up and down energy, Capricorn, especially your professional reputation and getting recognition for your efforts. While your accomplishments are important, so is the way you treat the people you work with and for. Career validation comes in many forms now, including your ability to compromise, work as part of a team and respect other people’s authority.

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Expanding your mind is high on your priority list this week, Aquarius, and although you can learn a lot by reading books, listening to podcasts, etc., you’d much rather get out there and get some real-world experience. A well-rounded perspective can come from traveling and interacting with people from diverse cultures. Don’t be afraid to open up and have in-depth conversations that stir your soul. Talking about philosophy, politics, religion, and other important topics helps you understand and accept opposing viewpoints.

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Your house of transformation is hit with intense lunar energy this week, Pisces, but making changes isn’t always easy for you. Because your sensitivity is also peaking now, your emotions run from hot to cold and high to low from one moment to the next. This week is full of turning points, but you have to trust yourself and others enough to take a leap. Maybe just work on one breakthrough at a time.

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