Weekend Lovescope for February 23 to February 25: A Rocky Road Can Be Worth Taking

By Virginia Mason

On February 23, 2018

In Aspect, Date, Sex

Weekend Lovescope for February 23 to February 25: A Rocky Road Can Be Worth Taking

Prepare yourself for a rocky weekend. A Gemini moon challenges the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune! Mutable energy floods most of the planets. You are all over the place, and so is everyone else. Friday uproots and destabilizes. Your feelings, thoughts, and actions are likely to jump around. Your attention is scattered, and you struggle to make sense of things. But Saturn and Jupiter are supporting all of this! So while you may feel like a mess, you are learning and growing. Ditch the habits that keep you small, and look for new ways to show love and affection. But don’t just show it, let yourself receive love too. Know that how you show love isn’t necessarily how other people show it. Passions and communication styles vary, but in your most loving relationships, attention remains constant.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Uranus trines Mars, and despite everything going on, you are staying true to yourself. You are making choices that fuel your independence. If you are struggling to make a decision, ask yourself: which choice makes me feel most free?
This Weekend’s Mystery: Compassion weighs on your heart. Pisces challenges Mars, and you’re prone to putting other people ahead of yourself. But don’t forget, Uranus is there to help you out. When in doubt, return to the question above.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I give and receive love in perfect balance and harmony.

Passion Prediction:                                   
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Jupiter trines Venus, and now is a time for love to grow! You might meet someone new, but don’t let the excitement throw you through a fearful loop. Life is unfolding as planned.
This Weekend’s Mystery: For someone who’s usually so grounded, you feel like you’re floating. The moon sends you into your thoughts and feelings. You may experience anything from general crankiness to a full on sob-fest. Remember that you aren’t usually in this place, and by exploring this new terrain, you will learn something.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am meant to receive all the love in the world. 

Passion Prediction:                                
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury sextiles Saturn. Your mind opens to new ways of thinking (hint: by feeling). Don’t let your fears hold you back. Speak your mind and trust that you will communicate clearly.
This Weekend’s Mystery: The Gemini moon makes you cling to old habits, but Pisces wants to shake things up. This doesn’t feel good! But the more you can be in your feelings (and get out of your head) the better you’ll feel, and the more available you’ll be for love.
This Weekend’s Mantra: My thoughts create my world. 

Passion Prediction:                          
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Sunday’s Cancer moon empowers your intuition and your confidence soars! Stay open to visions and messages. You’re likely to receive cosmic guidance now.
This Weekend’s Mystery:  Saturn disrupts your peace of mind. Something in your life is stuck and not moving in the direction you want. Meditate on this. Pray for answers. Listen.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I grow powerful on my own. 

Passion Prediction:        
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Saturn sextiles the sun. You know you’re transforming, and you’re embracing it. But what does this mean for love? How do you want to show up in your relationships? Take time on Sunday (with the Cancer moon) to reflect on this.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Pisces and the Gemini moon cause you to lose your grasp on who you are. Your identity is being challenged. That’s because you are more than what you thought. You’re birthing a new way of being, so congratulate yourself this weekend—perhaps with a delicious meal.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am open to all the possibilities of the universe.

Passion Prediction:                  
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Mercury conjuncts Neptune! Your intuition skyrockets! It can feel like you’re living in a dream, but if you start second-guessing yourself, you can be easily fooled. Trust your gut on all matters, including love!
This Weekend’s Mystery: The moon causes your mind to jump around, and your fears want to take over. Don’t let them. I know, easier said than done, right? But Saturn tells me now is your time to learn this trick.
This Weekend’s Mantra: Moving in and out of the mind is freedom. 

Passion Prediction:   
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: You have good luck in love! Jupiter trines Venus. Lean into your emotions and spirituality. Don’t be afraid of your messy, darker side. Embracing all of who you are invites love in (especially on Sunday).
This Weekend’s Mystery: On Friday, you feel like you don’t have time to do everything you want. All of your old passions are ignited, and you want to explore them! Give yourself freedom to play this weekend and have fun with a hobby (ask your person to join!). This will ease the icky feelings. 
This Weekend’s Mantra: I am lucky in love. 

Passion Prediction:   
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Jupiter in Scorpio trines Venus in Pisces. Your love life takes you to new places. Go on a trip or do something new with your lover, and if you’re single, exploring your spirituality will help you connect to love.
This Weekend’s Mystery:  Mars can get in the way of loving feelings. Focus your attention on emotional intimacy rather than sexual. Spend quality time with your person. Enjoy just being with each other.
This Weekend’s Mantra:  Everything is going my way. 

Passion Prediction:         
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope

This Weekend’s Magic: Your ruler Jupiter is sending love your way! Someone new may enter your life or a relationship may become more serious. Your love life is expanding, so stay open to whatever direction it takes.
This Weekend’s Mystery: Avoid the desire to escape! Now is not the time to plan a random vacation. Mars will inspire this in you, but you’re much better off traveling in your mind than by land. Meditate, get a tarot reading, do something that shows you how much you can explore without hopping on a plane.
This Weekend’s Mantra: All the world’s wisdom lies before me. 

Passion Prediction:       
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: Pluto sextiles Venus! Your romantic status is evolving. Embrace this change, and spend time with any lover on Sunday. The Cancer moon strengthens your bond.
This Weekend’s Mystery:  Saturn challenges the moon. How does romance impede your ambition? Make sure you feel supported in pursuing your goals, and don’t sacrifice your ambition for love. The right relationship won’t make you choose.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I will have it all. 

Passion Prediction:   
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: Mars trines Uranus. Explore your fantasies! You’ll find freedom through sexual adventure. Ask for what you want—or just something you’re curious about – and watch what happens!
This Weekend’s Mystery: Pluto tells me you’re in a major transition period, and the uncertainty is stifling your sense of freedom. But that’s  just because you don’t have control over what will happen next. Surrender and trust.
This Weekend’s Mantra: For today, I will not worry. 

Passion Prediction:           
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 

This Weekend’s Magic: Woah! Neptune conjuncts Mercury in Pisces! Psychic messages are coming through loud and clear. Pull out your tarot deck. Sit and meditate. Stay open and listen. Wisdom is headed your way. Give yourself alone time to process this powerful transit.
This Weekend’s Mystery:  The Gemini moon challenges Venus and every other planet in Pisces. Your mind desires intellectual stimulation, but your heart just wants love. Try to find some balance in this, and don’t let the mental chatter impede your psychic awakening. Find stillness.
This Weekend’s Mantra: I  am never alone. I am fully supported. 

Passion Prediction: 

Virginia teaches you how to harness your intuitive powers, choose your most purposeful work, create nourishing boundaries, and attract your ideal partner. She utilizes tools and techniques acquired over years of working with energy, science, astrology, tarot, yoga, meditation, and more! She helps you remember just how free and powerful you really are. Are you ready for you most magical, meaningful life? 

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