The Gemini Super New Moon Is the Perfect Time to Throw a Best Friends Bash. Here’s How!


On June 13, 2018

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The Gemini Super New Moon Is the Perfect Time to Throw a Best Friends Bash. Here’s How!

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On June 13, the first new moon of June will occur in the social air sign Gemini. Affecting us for four days before and after it is “exact” (which, in this case, is on the 13th), new moons signal the start of a new cycle, and therefore, offer astrological energy that’s ripe for manifestation. New moons are the time to set intentions. And the power of this particular new moon is magnified, as it’s a supermoon.

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The June 13 Gemini Super New Moon is the first in a series of three new moon supermoons which are set to fall on June 13, July 13, and August 11, 2018. The astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term “supermoon” back in 1979 and defined it as “a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.” Of course, being that a new moon rises and sets with the sun, it’s the moon’s darkest time to those of us here on earth. Yet, its effect on our social lives will be truly enlightening.

That’s because Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, so the air sign’s new moon energy presents us with a chance to set goals around friendship, networking, your own way of thinking and expressing yourself, and being open to a variety of perspectives. In other words, you’ll do well to harness the goal-hitting potential of this social Gemini supermoon by throwing a party for your dearest friends.

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Here, five kinds of Gemini Super New Moon parties perfect for gathering your besties.

1. The Classic New Moon Circle

To take advantage of the ripe, path-plotting vibes of any new moon, you’ll do well to gather friends to lay the groundwork for your intentions. Because the Gemini supermoon emphasizes communication, it’s an ideal time to make goal-setting a group affair. This time around, you’ll certainly want to offer a creative, fun way for guests to write down or otherwise record intentions. Incorporating a social media component—like a special Snapchat filter or going live on Instagram Stories—may also make the experience unique. And don’t forget to have all the usual suspects at hand—like a smudging tool (think Palo Santo or a white sage bundle), candles, and crystals (like blue lace agate and Apophyllite, which are both particularly helpful for making the most of mercurial energy).

2. Poetry Slam

In the spirit of famous Gemini, poet Alan Ginsberg, who once wrote, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness,” throw a poetry slam gathering for your besties. Encourage even those who aren’t necessarily artistically-inclined to share thoughts—or, again, new moon intentions!—with the group. This theme could set the stage for plenty of creativity-stimulating conversation.

3. Famous Twins

Who says Halloween has to be the only time for a costume party? Since Gemini is represented by the twins, encourage guests—along with their S.O., date, or best friend—to dress up and channel their favorite, famous twins. Think the Olsens, the Parent Trap sisters, Luke and Leia from Star Wars, etc. The collaboration and coordination that’s required to pull together costumes and show up in style may very well offer a special new moon growth experience.

4. Trivia Night

Mercurial Gemini energy encourages us to work with our partners, friends, or colleagues on an intellectual level. It’s also one of the most curious signs, naturally inclined toward information-gathering and research. For that reason, consider throwing a trivia night to celebrate the Gemini supermoon. Giving friends the opportunity to test one another’s knowledge of everything from ‘80s pop music to current events couldn’t be more fitting for the mood of this new moon.

5. Classic Pairs Cocktail Hour

Call in the power of the number two with food and drink power couples like … wine and cheese, mini grilled cheese with little cups of tomato soup, bacon and egg frittatas, or tea-sized PB&Js. Make sure you have enough seating for vibrant socializing, and you’ve set the stage for a memorable Gemini-vibin’ party! —By Maressa Brown

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