Star Crossed Love: Exactly Where and How to Find Love in Your Astrological Chart

By Shereen Campbell

On February 23, 2018

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Star Crossed Love: Exactly Where and How to Find Love in Your Astrological Chart

 Ever feel like you need magic to find the one? We hear you. Luckily, magic is all around, and you can find it to help lead you to lasting, soulmate style love. In our latest column, Star Crossed Love, Shereen Campbell, an astrologer, intuitive, crystal expert and woman who manifested her own relationship (read her inspiring story here!) will share spells, crystal rituals, and astrology tips to help you find—and keep—the one. After all, love is magic. Use magic to attact it in your life! — editors

Want to know if love is in your future in 2018? Here’s how to find out!

When I first started learning about astrology there were two planets I had very, very strong feelings about: Venus and Saturn. My love for Venus was cliche. Who wouldn’t love the planet which astrologers often described with sparkles, cupcakes and fairy dust in their horoscopes? It was the planet I looked for in my chart when I needed some good news. I would tell myself on the 26th Venus will be in my 5th house so I better get out there looking fly and ready to be picked up. I made friends with Venus looking forward to every time she would interact with my chart in a happy light.

On the other hand, I loathed Saturn,  lord of karma, debt, responsibility and fear. Saturn brought me anxiety from the moment I first learned of his existence. I wanted that planet nowhere near my chart or my life! In my younger days, I would literally dread Saturn doing anything in my chart.  Those of you who have experienced a Saturn return, might know exactly what I am talking about. For this is the time period where the last 27 to 30 years of your life come up for review and you are challenged to get your life together. Saturn’s job is to remind us of our magic, sometimes in ways that don’t initially feel pleasant at all.

So, naturally, about a year ago, when I saw that Saturn and Venus were to team up in my chart I freaked out. My mind spiraled out of control, overwhelmed with possibilities. I had no idea what to expect. Saturn has this way of forcing us to look at our fear and our pain through fresh eyes (and sometimes tears). Mostly this type of processing tends to happen in solitude as Saturn’s energy can be quite isolating. And this is exactly what I felt when Saturn conjuncted my Venus. He forced me to get real about my fears regarding love, beauty and happiness. When Saturn meets your Venus, especially for the first time in your adult life, it is pretty sobering. This is a time where you learn about love.

No, not the romantic, whimsical rom-com, fairy tale type of love. You learn about a love that’s deeper, stronger and sometimes painful. When Saturn meets Venus you are learning to see and love yourself—sometimes for the first time ever. Any astrologer will tell you that when Saturn strikes Venus relationships will either survive or even thrive through adversity or they will break. I’ve seen folks meet their future spouses, start new relationships, marry, break up and move in together all under this ominous aspect. It’s generally marked with a time period of change, a sort of shifting, growing and evolving. Fears are brought up so they can be healed. Responsibility is taken seriously. The true meaning of commitment is discovered.

Looking back, as with most major transits, I see can see that my relationship with myself and my partner really evolved rapidly at that point. I started to really see myself in a new light, as the creative, whimsical, beautiful fiercely independent soul I was quite fond of, but also as someone who could be a caring, doting girlfriend. This was a new layer for me. I always had a bit of fear of losing myself to another—which I think held me back from ever trying too hard to pursue anything serious.

I battled this fear during this transit. I came face to face with the shadow parts of myself: The part of me that wanted to control others; the part of that insatiably needed and desired another’s love. But I faced them, met them, and made my peace. This realization brought my first significant relationship into my life. I lost many of my insecurities and fears of judgment.

So, as terrifying as this combination sounds, perhaps it’s exactly what we need for the magic to really happen. Venus warming up Saturn’s icy heart, allowing Saturn to sweat out all (most?) fears and concerns. Venus fighting for love, beauty and equality. Saturn cleansing Venus’ insecurities, leaving her renewed and pure. What’s a more beautiful love story than that?

Take a look at your chart. Open yourself to possibilities. Don’t fear the unknown. And while Venus met Saturn in my life, remember, you can make the magic happen yourself. You can face your shadow side and sparkle some lovely Venus optimism and shine on those shadows to see just how beautiful you can be. Introduce Saturn to Venus. Fight the fear. See what happens. And, as always, enjoy the journey.

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Want to know if love is in your future in 2018? Here’s how to find out!

Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

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