Old Opportunities Are Back Thanks to Saturn Retrograde

By Donna Stellhorn

On April 29, 2019

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Old Opportunities Are Back Thanks to Saturn Retrograde

On April 29, 2019, 5:54 pm PT, Saturn will go retrograde for several months. At first, you may wonder how that even affects you. Isn’t Mercury retrograde (two words that make us tremble with fear) the important one? It’s true that Mercury retrograde can cause a lot of mischief in your daily life like car trouble, dropping your phone in the toilet, or accidentally hitting “reply all” when you really, really didn’t want to.

But we’ve got some good news: Saturn retrograde is different in all the best ways. This diligent planet rules career, expertise, responsibility, and reputation. Saturn tends to appreciate disciplined and serious efforts with an approving nod. When you focus on your goals and build something (a business, a relationship, a house), Saturn rewards you.

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What Happens When Saturn Turns Retrograde?

When Saturn turns retrograde, past opportunities are once again presented to you. Perhaps you turned down a job a while back because you weren’t sure you had enough experience—that job might somehow become a possibility again. You may be guided to return to a creative project you’ve considered, but up until now hadn’t dared to try.

In general, Saturn urges us to get back to what’s basic, important, or fundamental. So during retrograde, you may also be asked to stop or minimize something that is no longer serving you or has become too complicated. For instance, you might consider ending a relationship, personally or professionally.

How Long Will This Retrograde Last?

This particular Saturn retrograde begins on April 29 and lasts until September 18, 2019.

What Can We Expect From This Particular Saturn Retrograde?

This retrograde period is notable because Saturn’s opportunistic attitude conjuncts with the South Node, an aspect about independence and self-reliance. During this time, what you may have relied on in the past (a boss, the government, a car, your mom) may show itself to be unreliable. The truth is, it never was. Saturn is here to remind you of that fact by removing whatever crutch you’ve been leaning on.

Silver lining: Saturn’s sextile to Neptune will dissolve limitations, making it feel like the life blocks you’ve been struggling with are falling away. There will also be opportunities for you to connect with any number of helpful others. And while you may not rely on them they can still give you a hand up the mountain.

Saturn squares Mercury (the planet of communication) so open discussions will be key. Ask for what you want without fear of rejection. Why? Because Saturn loves a good fit and doors will open in the right direction. So when they do, take them and make sure you’re not wasting time pounding on closed, locked doors. Saturn retrograde gives you permission to knock once more, but if the door doesn’t open during this retrograde period it’s a sign to move on.

How Will Saturn Retrograde Affect My Sign?

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Saturn retrograde means it’s time to review your career choices, Aries. Before you get granular, look first at the big picture and where your industry is heading. Crack down on how your particular company is doing. Then, analyze your position and ask yourself whether you think it’s a long-term opportunity. If you decide your career needs a change, use this retrograde energy to explore options you haven’t considered yet.

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We know you’re already disciplined, Taurus. But this retrograde gives you an opportunity to look at your beliefs and how the “rules” you live by help or hinder your process. Some rules, like your determination to show up on time for everything, might be quite beneficial. Others, such as a belief that making money is hard, can hold you back. Now is a great time to challenge negative thought processes.


During this period, you’ll be urged to review your finances. Since Saturn rewards practical effort, you can bet that putting in the work now could reap some great financial benefits later. Create a written budget and stick to it (we mean it, Gemini). Refinance your loans. Sign up for your company retirement plan. Finish taxes. Set up automatic payment deductions. Basically, anything that involves paperwork and money is a go.


This period asks you to soften that Cancer shell and look at your closest relationships. If you’re in an intimate partnership, think about what you can do to heal or improve this union. If you’re not in a romantic relationship and want to be, it’s time to look at what’s holding you back. Sometimes getting into a love relationship is as simple as accepting what needs to change in your life to have someone there. In friendships, it’s time to determine who is helpful and supportive, and who is draining you.


Saturn retrograde is focusing on your area of health and routine. How are you taking care of yourself? Positive habit changes like adjusting your diet or cutting back on certain foods that aren’t good for you, can impact your health for the better. Saturn retrograde here also asks you to look at how you’re honoring your body. Move it or lose it, Leo.

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Now’s the time to reconsider your relationship with your children. If they are young, you may feel more discipline is needed. As for adult children, learn to say “no” and don’t sacrifice your future to make their lives easier. If you’re looking to grow the family through pregnancy or adoption, Saturn asks you to put in the work. This may mean being structured about timing (Virgos love structure!), doing battle with insurance companies or plodding through adoption applications and interviews. Either way, situations won’t change unless we decide to make an effort to do so.


Home is a focus during this retrograde as Saturn asks you to downsize, declutter, or make repairs. This doesn’t just mean with the material things in the home. You may even need to ask a roommate or adult child to move out. Being an organized Libra, the more you simplify, the less stressed you’ll feel. There may also be responsibilities around extended family. One or more may need your help and you will have to balance this with all the other obligations you have.


This Saturn retrograde asks you, Scorpio, to become more precise with regards to communication. If you own a business, this may be around contacting clients or producing content for your business social media. If you’re job hunting, you may need to send out more resumes. Also remember that recrimination never motivates anyone, and may in fact, be blocking you from future opportunities. While Saturn asks you to be honest with yourself, it only asks you to compare your present with your past self.

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Is money running through your fingers like sand lately? Use this retrograde period to look at your spending habits, Sagittarius. Keep a spending journal and count every penny. Money could be working for you, if you keep a watch on it. It might also be time to downsize your stuff; keep what’s useful and sell the rest for a little extra cash. Overall, Saturn suggests you value your time and effort more highly—your hard work will not go unnoticed later on!


Saturn is in your sign of Capricorn, giving you strength to go after the many opportunities that will present themselves. Look back at the last year or so at where you planted seeds for career or relationship connections. Go tend those seeds by checking in with the people, resending applications, or resubmitting proposals. This is also a good time to review your accomplishments and recognize that your skills are growing. Notice how you’re using your time. Learning how to focus when it’s time to work will increase your productivity and give you more time for leisure when work is done.


Saturn retrograde asks you to take care of yourself, starting with sleep. If you’re an anxious Aquarius who has trouble sleeping, make a concerted effort to learn about solutions. Study new remedies and try different techniques. Redo your bedroom if needed. Change your schedule, limit TV, sugar, or screen time if those could help. Saturn retrograde at this time is also suggesting it’s time to let go of fears. As you age, you gain experience and the knowledge that you can handle whatever is coming. Recognize you have less to fear than you think.

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Live in the present instead of wishing things were different. Saturn has no time for melodramatic attitudes. You have the power to change things; if you don’t want to bother changing things, then it’s time to accept them. This can include the choices you made in the past or the choices you allowed others to make for you. For Pisces natives, Saturn retrograde brings a focus on technology. You don’t need to be steeped in tech yourself, but you do need to know how to do the basics. It is possible to learn if you just put your mind to it!

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