Why April’s Full Moon Is the Perfect Time for Make-Up Sex

By Mary Bergner

On April 19, 2019

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Why April’s Full Moon Is the Perfect Time for Make-Up Sex

On April 19, 2019 at 4:12 am PT, the pink full moon (yes, pink—signifying the blossoming pink flowers to come in spring) will illuminate the sky above us. This particular moon comes in balanced Libra at the end of blossoming April, which can help us form personal connections. Unlike last month’s full moon, when the sun was just entering powerful Aries, this full moon gives the sun one more final, powerful surge before moving into slow, patient Taurus on the twentieth.

Mercury has also been spending time in powerhouse Aries since the seventeenth. Likewise, Venus follows into Aries on the twentieth. Such aggressive power coming from the Ram’s driving sign across multiple planets, could actually pair nicely next to the Libra full moon’s “can’t we all just get along” energy.

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What April’s Pink Full Moon Means for Your Relationships

So: this is a great time to ask for second chances. Whether or not you’ve hit a rough patch with someone, the full Libra moon makes possible the ability to link up with someone you couldn’t connect with before. It also uses its fair-mindedness to create helpful, amenable energy. Starting conversations around plans for the future, resurfacing old issues that aren’t resolved yet, or simply clarifying things with someone is best done during this time. With regards to established relationships, it opens up the chance to reconnect and come to terms with one another (in our hearts and possibly in the bedroom!). With the Libra moon behind you, you can solve problems and strengthen relationships via teamwork and diplomacy.

Lastly, the people closest to you benefit from your quest to make sure there’s balance in your world, as you strive to repair old relationships and make deeper connections via new ones.

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How the Pink Full Moon Will Affect Your Sign

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You don’t always put other people’s feelings first, and the chance of you saying you’re sorry for something that might not even be your fault is rare. With this full moon in compromising Libra, it could help you see the error of your ways. However, understand the value of a heartfelt apology.

Will you and your love make it? We can help using astrology.


You aren’t always sure how to proceed with relationships, but you welcome the chance to strengthen existing personal connections. You can be stubborn and aren’t quick to forgive, but the full Libra moon’s energy helps you accomplish just that. Move forward instead of looking back.


Your excellent communication skills combine superbly with the Libra moon’s commitment to improving relationships. You’re practically unstoppable during this period, so use those natural talking tools to further important discussions. Lucky for you, Geminis can talk their way out of or into almost any social situation—use it to your advantage here!

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As an emotional Cancer, this calming Libra moon can help you distinguish emotions from rationality. You’re very passionate about personal relationships, but this aspect helps you sort through your feelings and set them aside long enough to obtain the balance you’ve been looking for.


Your natural charisma is the perfect match for the full Libra moon’s peacemaking energy. (But resist adding any unnecessary drama to the mix, Leo.) With the help of the full Libra moon’s tact and diplomacy, you can improve your relationships in a major way if you listen as much as you talk.


Do you always connect with the graceful energy of Libra? No. But can you learn a lot from it? Yes. Take advantage of this full moon’s tactful approach to improving your personal relationships. Resisting the urge to announce your every criticism (ahem, we see you Virgo) will do you more good than bad.

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Now is your time! This full moon in your sun sign will only highlight your best qualities. At your best you can be charming, kind, and cooperative, which are exactly what you need to keep your personal relationships thriving. But remember: if someone resists your charms, don’t force it. Even at your most persuasive you can’t change anyone’s true feelings.


Scorpios might only have a few very close personal relationships, so you arguably value them more than most. What can the Libra full moon do to help you maintain them? Plenty. First, be kind and gracious with your praise as well as your criticism. The best way to maximize Libra’s harmonizing energy is to channel its poise and grace by showing your loved ones how much you care.


You like to keep things casual (even with your closest personal relationships), but the full Libra moon asks you do dive in a bit deeper. Will you answer the call? The full moon can bring far-reaching connections for you, but you might not see changes right away. Even a slight shift toward deepening those connections is a good one, Sagittarius.


As a disciplined Capricorn, you have tons of ambition and a notable attention to detail when it comes to your personal connections—but that’s not all it takes. During this Libra full moon, take advantage of the tact and poise it offers. Those closest to you will appreciate your efforts to make improvements, as subtle as they may be.

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Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so you can appreciate this full moon’s creative and inventive ways that can help improve personal relationships. You can also learn from its tactful attempt to handle delicate relationship/partnership situations with tact and class. A logical approach has its place, but it isn’t the only way.


You’re normally very receptive and accommodating Pisces, so the full Libra’s moon is a sort of extension of the way you already approach relationships. You both use creativity to problem-solve, but you tend to get overly emotional at times. Applying some of Libra’s emotional detachment can help in certain relationship situations.

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