This October New Moon Has More Relationship Issues Than the Bachelor

By Brittany Binowski

On October 9, 2018

In Astrology

This October New Moon Has More Relationship Issues Than the Bachelor

You may have felt out of alignment with the people in your life lately but don’t worry — help is on the way!

The new moon in Libra is on October 8, 2018 at 8:46 p.m. PT will herald a process of change in your relationships, which may require you to adjust, end or begin some important partnerships in your life. This could bring up many fears or insecurities about the people you associate with and whether or not you really can work with or maneuver them to a place you feel more comfortable.

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This Libra new moon will require you to dive straight into old wounds so that you can address outstanding issues, let others know more deeply what is on your heart and mind, and ultimately find better resolutions.

It will require patience, and a sense of purpose, as you or the others in your life figure out what is truly in their hearts. Do what you can to communicate honestly and clearly about your wants, desires, and needs at this time and be prepared for others to do the same with you. You may receive some unexpected news from friends or acquaintances as they realize they no longer can keep quiet about what is on their mind and feel the need to share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

As a result, you may have to re-hash some issues from the past or see quite a different future than what you originally saw with some of the people in your life. It is also possible that some old friends may come back into the picture at this time, while others may exit your life.

The goal of this new moon is to re-arrange your relationships to fit a new version of your own identity you may have been formulating since the beginning of this year when Saturn first moved into Capricorn. Now that your life has changed so much, the Libra new moon is asking you to also re-adjust your relationships to accommodate better the change that started deep within you months ago.


New relationships or new relationship chapters are here Aries! It may be challenging to understand just what exactly these people mean to you, and where exactly the relationships are going but don’t be afraid to get messy with others and ask the hard questions. Warning: You may need to change the way you think about the people in your life entirely before you start to feel like you are making progress.


People want your attention at your job and on the day-to-day. This could lead to some chaos as you work on new initiatives or projects. Don’t let your tasks (or the people you need to complete them with) get the best of you. Try to organize your routines, change who it is you work with and how, and communicate more clearly about what it is you do.

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Lots of people may be looking up to you to lead them at this new moon but your own life or job may be in disarray. It might be useful to change your leadership style or re-adjust your daily routines, so you can do what makes you happier. Once people see the light within you, return, they will follow much more easily.


Relationships with family members or key people at home could feel tense during this new moon, as you begin to re-conceptualize what you need to be happier. Communicate openly about your emotions, as well as your dreams for the future. That will then help you to have a home life you want, and people in your life that better understand your personal needs.


There is a lot going on this month with your job or daily routines. Keep an open mind when discussing options with others. In order to feel better about your schedule, you may have to re-adjust some things at home, with family, or inside yourself. Communicate clearly with others so important details don’t get lost. Rather than take a passive role in the changes around you, think about and then execute how would you want things to change?


A newfound sense of confidence, security or income is right around the corner but you are the reason that keeps you from accepting these gifts and truly being happy. Challenge yourself to have important conversations with others before you dive head first into something new or unknown. Try and challenge yourself to be more vulnerable and open yourself up to new possibilities.


It is time to make way for a new you to emerge but in doing so, it may completely transform your home or family. It may also require you to think of yourself very differently. Can you take the plunge to do what you need to stand on your own two feet in a different way, or will you stay back doing only what is comfortable? Surely, you will take the risk!

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You may be dealing with some old issues in relationships, or you yourself may be asked to confront some of your own internal concerns about people. Don’t try to control what happens. Instead, say what is on your mind and let it go. People will always enter and leave your life (no matter what you say), but the relationship with yourself is what is most important.


It is a good time to get out and socialize at this new moon. However, it may be hard for you to feel so lighthearted when other, more practical concerns are weighing you down. Is it possible other people can help you to get some of those needs met? If so, ask them! If not, try to calm some of the demons within and set your sights on different goals or groups.


Fresh air is coming into your career and your reputation, with key people helping you to put your life in a new or better direction…but do you really want their assistance? Even though others may play a big part at this new moon, the challenge for you first is figuring out what kind of life you ultimately want and then letting yourself go just enough to grasp it.

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Get excited about life! New projects and plans await that can stoke some of your interests and passions. But it may feel like you are carrying some dead weight around in the meantime from an old life or an old way of doing things. Drop those now! Embrace what is coming and don’t be afraid to branch out to do something totally different or put your life (or career) in an entirely new direction.


Your soul is calling you to either deepen your relationships or do more of what you really desire. This could; however, alter your vision of the future and the groups of people you associate with radically. Don’t be afraid to make the adjustments you need and try something new. Big changes in life call for big soul upgrades as well as a new set of belief systems to accommodate the change.

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