November 2021 New Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On November 3, 2021

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November 2021 New Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

We’re kicking off the month of November with the new moon in Scorpio, which rises on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 2:15pm PT. This lunation is ruled by the zodiac’s Scorpion, which equips its energy with a razor-sharp stinger that isn’t afraid to strike. If we’re not careful, we could get stung. But if we’re willing to roll with the transformative energy of this powerful lunar moment, we could come out the other side feeling totally reborn.

The introspective new moon in Scorpio will have us buried alive in feelings and wading through the darkest crevasses of our hearts in order to find magic, meaning, and motivation. However, this lunation is also charged with the energy of rebirth, which allows our dreams to sprout through the soil and reach toward the light. It’s a time to explore beneath the surface of your life and swim into your heart’s most mysterious chambers, searching for those golden nuggets of truth and glittering gems of realness that will help you grow. We’re learning to go with the flow, face our fears, and regain a sense of control over even the most unpredictable circumstances.

Every powerful metamorphosis comes with some growing pains, and this new moon is no exception. The sun and moon are squaring off with Saturn (planet of restrictions) and opposing chaos-loving Uranus (planet of unexpected change), forming a tense t-square that also drags Mars (planet of action) into the new moon mix. Saturn’s strictness could ask us to be more responsible about our plans and move forward with more caution than usual, but with wild child Uranus involved, the sky’s still the limit.

Overall, this lunation will be charged with an edgy, Mars-style adrenaline rush and not only because it’s taking place in Scorpio (one of the signs traditionally ruled by feisty Mars). The moon will also align with the Red Planet earlier in the day, just before the new moon peaks, catalyzing the lunar cycle’s rebirth with an electric burst of energy. This action-oriented vibe inspires us to chase our wildest, most Uranian dreams — even if we have to play by some of Saturn’s rules. We may begin this new moon ride deep in Scorpio season’s trenches, but we’ll emerge feeling even more empowered than before.

How the Scorpio New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Get ready to go deep, Aries. This lunation is all about embracing spiritual transformation and fostering a greater mystical connection within yourself. Because the moon is heavily influenced by your ruling planet Mars, you can trust that your inner strength will rise up and help you conquer even the most existential of challenges.


Your relationships are transforming under this new moon, Taurus. You’re learning to embrace truth and power in your partnerships, so any new commitments that emerge now will be rooted in a deep sense of honesty. This raw vulnerability could bring out unpredictable parts of your personality, but take comfort in knowing that the truth is on your side.


This lunation could transform the little details about the way you live your life, Gemini. Remember that your daily rituals are full of magic and that there’s often unexpected depth in even the most mundane routine. Connect with your inner truth and ensure that the habits, people, and thoughts that fill your day align with your higher self.


With the new moon blooming in your passionate fifth house, this is a gorgeously potent time to connect with the love, joy, and childlike creativity that makes life worthwhile, Cancer. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or flirting your way into a new relationship, make sure you lean into your values and keep your eye on the prize.


This new beginning will feel ultra-personal and close-to-home for you, Leo. You might find that unexpected events at work end up catalyzing some introspective moments about life in general, so stay open to the lessons that help you grow. Regardless of what drama transpires at home, at work, or in relationships, remember to honor yourself above all else.


You’re finding deeper meaning in the little things right now, Virgo. This new moon will help you find clandestine mysteries in the mundane, and even casual conversations could take on an unusually fated-feeling depth. Listen to the universe’s special signals and trust that your spirit will guide you toward the answers you seek.


Opportunities to boost your income or acquire new assets could come your way now, Libra — perhaps from an unexpected source. Use your diplomatic people skills to ensure that new moon financial endeavors run smoothly and turn to your friends to help you work through any tension or confusion. Feeling connected to others right now will go a long way.


This lunation is all about you, Scorpio. And with your sign’s traditional ruler Mars gracing this new moon with its presence, you’ll have all the motivation you need to start chasing after your goals. Focus on ways to make a lasting mark on the world, and pursue all new endeavors with equal parts vigor, steadiness, and focus.


Your spirit is primed and ready for a new adventure, Sagittarius, and it’s time to reset your personal compass. By making some time for introspection, you can catch glimmers of your heart’s desires that’ll help you find your true north. Create space for your higher self to blossom because if you honor your truth, magic is sure to follow.


The new moon in your house of friendships and community could bring some powerful new connections into your life, Capricorn. It’s a great time to network, collaborate, and bring many minds together to build on your ideas. Just be sure to stay honest and avoid any situations where motives seem murky and the truth twisty.


You hate to feel shackled to any one way of doing things, Aquarius, but this lunation might inspire you to finally commit to the things you want in your career. Working with others and owning your talents can help you accomplish goals that you’d only dreamed of actualizing in the past. You can talk the talk, but now it’s time to walk the walk.


Open your mind and heart now, Pisces. You might find that some unexpected doors of opportunity will materialize in front of you if you’re willing to try new things. This new moon is challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons, so get comfortable with the ever-changing nature of your beliefs.

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