March 2021 Full Moon in Libra Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On March 26, 2021

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March 2021 Full Moon in Libra Horoscopes

The March full moon in Libra rises on Sunday, March 28 at 11:48pm PT, and it’s here to offer us a moment of harmony amid Aries’ reign of fire. This is the first full moon of the astrological year, and the diplomatic Libran energy of this lunation will help us keep our balance as we navigate the emotional vibes.

Libra may be a mentally-driven air sign, but this full moon hits close to the heart—as it’s sitting directly opposite to an exact triple conjunction between the sun, Venus (planet of love), and Chiron (the “wounded healer”). The sensitive Venus/Chiron alignment puts us in touch with our deepest core values, while the sun’s presence within this Aries trio offers us the courage we need to face the intensity head-on. The full moon’s gravitational pull from across the zodiac, however, makes it all feel extra personal and close to home. Emotions could be fragile now, so handle them with care.

Because Libra is the sign of partnerships, this lunation asks us to temporarily focus our attention and energy on the bonds we’re building with others—as well as the space those relationships occupy within our hearts. The current planetary aspects will only heighten the emotional intensity and vulnerability of this already-tender lunar moment. So, we might feel a little touchy or needy than usual (especially within relationships). Find a balance between honoring your own needs while still healing, growing, and connecting with the people near and dear to us.

Use this powerful Libran lunation to examine your relationships, values, and deepest fears in love. We have to face things in order to fully let them go, so don’t shy away from the pain of heartbreak. This moment might be your best chance to heal.

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Aries season is all about you, dear Ram—but this lunation asks you to step away from the party to focus on the balance within your relationships. Your personal values are shifting and you’re doing some deep internal growth, which is great. But how is that impacting the people around you? As you grow and change, your relationships will too, so check in to see how your partners-in-crime are handling your evolution.


You’ve been whisked away into the deep and spiritual world of your dreams lately, Taurus, which has made it difficult to stay on top of your schedule. Exploring the realms of your unconscious is important, but right now there are earthly responsibilities that need your attention, too. Use this full moon to help you find a balance between your spiritual growth and staying on top of your day job.


The full moon in your house of romance and creativity is inspiring you to take a break from your social contributions to indulge in a little bit of just-for-you playtime. You might find that things are heating up with a romantic prospect now, Gemini, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take a chance. When you’re feeling joyful, loved, and passionate about life, you’ll have way more to share with others, too.


While this full moon may feel right at home in your domestic fourth house, worries about work probably have you in a less-than-comfortable state. But perhaps the antidote to your professional stress lies in your personal life, Cancer. Use this lunar energy to examine what’s going on behind the scenes in your life. Work to restore balance within your family or living situation so that you can better focus on your career.


Put your feelings into words now, Leo—whether it’s by having a heart-to-heart convo with a loved one to clear up concerns or simply dumping your thoughts into a journal to clear your head. Big emotions are bubbling up under the full moon’s intense glow, but by keeping your communication channels open, you can avoid a dramatic emotional overflow that’ll flood into other parts of your life.


It’s easy to get lost in a whirl of existential thoughts now, Virgo, but this full moon offers you a chance to ground yourself by focusing on something tangible, like your finances. Get clear on what your priorities are and balance your checkbook accordingly. Now is an opportunity to make some money moves. Spiral out on life’s deepest mysteries another day—after all, they’re certainly not going anywhere.


There’s probably a lot going on within your relationships right now, Libra, but this full moon is putting your needs as an individual into the spotlight. In order to truly show up for others and create balanced and meaningful bonds, we must be able to honor and respect ourselves. Dig deep and figure out how to make peace with your own feelings before filling everyone else’s cups.


Sometimes, full moons are physically and socially energizing. But right now, Scorpio, you’re being asked to slow down, quiet your conscious mind, and immerse yourself in spiritual connection. This lunation is lighting up your ethereal twelfth house, offering your higher self a chance to come forward and give you a little perspective on your all-too-serious reality. Put your daily responsibilities on hold so you can fully honor this mystical energy.


The more you give, Sagittarius, the more you receive—so be generous with your resources now. This full moon’s energy can help you form emotional connections with others that’ll make you feel much less alone, and much more inspired. By sharing your passion and creativity with the world around you, you’ll find that you have so much more to work with on your own, too.


The full moon in your house of career is shining a spotlight on your professional endeavors, Capricorn. It’s also demanding a better balance between your public-facing self and the private world of your emotions. Compartmentalizing can work for a time, but it’s not sustainable. Make sure you’re distributing your energy in a way that gives your success true longevity. It’s okay to make some compromises in your career in order to live a more balanced lifestyle.


You’re swimming in all the minute details of your plans right now, Aquarius. But if you don’t take your eyes off fine print, then you won’t be able to see the grand result of what you’re really building. This full moon is illuminating your big-picture goals in vivid technicolor, so use this time to reconnect with the magic of your dreams. You can revisit the logistics once you have a revitalized vision of where you’re headed.


This full moon is shining its spotlight into the private realm of your mysterious eighth house, Pisces. So, your first instinct might be to swim in the other direction and distract yourself with the first shiny object you encounter. But in order to enjoy all the earthly pleasure your life has to offer you have to come to terms with beneath-the-surface secrets that tug on your conscience. Be vulnerable to others and share your truth. Your spirit will feel so much lighter once you do.

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