June 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

By Laura Brown

On June 5, 2020

In Astrology, Horoscope

June 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

Watch out my sweet love bugs, the June full moon eclipse is one that will send massive waves of tension—and potential drama—into even the strongest relationships. Peaking Friday, June 5 at 12:00 pm PT, this full moon lunar eclipse is squaring Mars: the aggressor who likes to pick fights sometimes just for the fun of it.

To make things even more complicated, the moon is opposite Venus (planet of love) who is currently retrograde. While in her light, Venus is full of charm and seduction, in her shadow (retrograde), she is a bit like a stubborn child who refuses to take “no” for an answer. Honestly, she can throw an epic tantrum unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Emotions are all over the board with this transit—particularly because when Mars is mad, Venus will surely point all of that anger towards relationships. Strained relationships that have already been hanging by a thread will feel this transit most and could well find that the thread breaks. Those who’ve been together for some time will still want to work hard to brush up on their communication skills. Be sure to take cooling off periods before someone says something they later regret.

Here is how your sign will be impacted by the Strawberry full moon eclipse.

How the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

full moon sagittarius

Courtesy of @ameyasrealm


Sometimes, coming on too strong can get you the opposite result, Aries. Perhaps a little more subtly will help you to get that cutie’s attention. Be careful though, because if you’re too aggressive, your potential partner won’t respond kindly.


The tension you’re feeling with this transit has more to do with your decision to let someone into your life or not, Taurus. You struggle with change but for the right person, the change is more than worth it. Stop fighting it and just open your heart.


You’ve been working on becoming more independent and doing your own thing. Unfortunately, Gemini, bae is growing a bit frustrated with it. They preferred you when they were the center of your attention. While you have every right to own your time, make sure not to leave your partner in the shadow for too long. Tempers are likely to flare.


You know that cutie, Cancer? The one who seems too good to be true? Who says and does all the right things? The one who is almost impossible not to fall for? You may want to take your time and truly get to know them before opening that heart too wide.


Putting a mask on to appease those you meet is not a very good idea, Leo. While you always want to present your best self, you also want them to fall for you, not your representation. When you get the opportunity to put on a mask and appear differently presents itself, I encourage you to remain your authentic self.


Tempers are likely flaring and there are major issues that your partner has with how much attention you’ve been giving work. In fact, there may be some threats thrown around, but it’s likely more an attempt to call your bluff, Virgo. While it’s true your career has been intense lately, rather than arguing with your love, try making up for lost time.


The lesson for today is to not offer advise unless it’s offered, Libra. Today, your bestie may be dealing with something you’ve once gone through and you’re dying to share what you learned. But your friend may not be ready for your well-intentioned advice. So, wait until they ask you directly.


With all this tension in the air, you’re enjoying a few nice surprises, Scorpio. It seems that rather than throwing tantrums, your love is throwing flowers and surprising you in the nicest of ways. In fact, if you’re single, you may well find that you have a few more suitors than you intended.


With money issues weighing on your mind, the last thing you need is your partner trying to annoy you with requests for your attention, Sagittarius. You’ve got real issues to deal with and you’re not likely to respond too kindly if bae keeps pushing you to show them more love. Remember, energy is quite strong now. So, rather than fight, make a promise to give them all your attention once you’ve dealt with a few things.


You’ve had a rather transformative year. And today’s full moon has included multiple changes around who you are and how you interact with the world. But it seems that right now, rather than supporting the changes bae wishes, you would just go back to being who you were before, Capricorn. Either those you love will learn to love this new version of you, or they will quickly be left in the cold.


While bae may have a million plans in place that they want to do with you, you’re feeling more inclined to just stay at home and rest. This could lead to a rather nasty argument around how little time your partner gets, Aquarius. Rather than engage, it might be best to keep your phone off and have some quiet time alone. You can make it up to bae later.


Someone who presents themselves as a white knight is really the devil in disguise, my sweet Pisces. Though someone may look good on paper, and know all the right things to say, it’s best not to hand over too much of your trust. Be discerning or you’ll wind up with a broken heart.

Lead photo courtesy of @ameyasrealm

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