July 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On July 23, 2021

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July 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

July’s full moon in Aquarius will light up the evening skies on July 23, 2021 at 7:37pm PT, and this forward-thinking lunation inspires us to embrace our individuality in order to stand out from the crowd. We’re being struck with inspiration and craving innovation in our personal lives—so, plan to burn your personal rulebook and rewrite some new laws for yourself. 

Leo season (starting July 22!) marks the sun’s annual return to its home sign, which pushes us into the spotlight so we can let our passions sparkle. But with the moon across the zodiac in unconventional air sign Aquarius, it’ll be our most unique and out-of-the-box qualities that take center stage. This lunation illuminates our friendships, communities, and the roles we play within the collective, so it’s a good time to trade out a main-character mentality for a more group-oriented approach.

Despite the social Aquarius energy, July’s full moon is a bit of a lone crusader—as it makes no major planetary aspects. However, the annual face-off between Venus (planet of love) and Jupiter (planet of opportunity) is still powerfully active at the time of the full moon, and this opposition mirrors the climactic lunar tension. Under this cosmic influence our desire for pleasure is at a peak, so we might find ourselves grabbing at low-hanging fruit to get our sugar fix. That’s okay! Just be sure to grab enough of the ripe stuff to share with everyone else.

The unapologetic rebel within will be summoned by the free-spirited beams of this Aquarian lunation. And in all our quirks and eccentricities, we have a chance to find common ground with others—which is what this full moon is all about.

Lastly, head’s up: This full moon is one two back-to-back full moon’s in Aquarius. The next one will rise on August 22, 2021. 

How the Aquarius Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


It’s time to share your passion with the world around you, Aries. Your sense of creativity is being lit up all month long—but it won’t flourish and flow the way it should if you keep it all to yourself! Put your ideas on display and make an effort to connect with the most innovative and visionary members of your crew. You make magic faster with help!


When it comes to your work life, you may feel you have to button up and tuck away your uniqueness. But under this full moon, Taurus, you’re being asked to show off your weird and wonderful self via your career. Embrace what sets you apart from the crowd. It’s probably where some of your most impressive talents lie.


The winds of curiosity and adventure are blowing in your direction under this full moon, Gemini. So, put up your sails and get ready to soar. Embrace your most eclectic interests and pursue the mental and spiritual trails that lead off the beaten path. You’re craving stimulation, so connect with people and seek knowledge that will expand your mind and challenge your beliefs.


Set your protective shell aside, dear Cancer—because this full moon will challenge you to wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s time to come clean and get real about the subterranean secrets and beneath-the-surface fears that have been impacting your emotional state. You can transform your most intimate relationships by finding strength in vulnerability.


With the full moon in your house of partnerships, Leo, your heart is in a tug-of-war between fully indulging in your freedoms and staying true to responsibilities in relationships. However, the healthiest one-on-one bonds can still be maintained while honoring your independence. So, commit to working toward a greater sense of autonomy with your partners.


Commit to being noncommittal right now, Virgo. With the full moon lighting up the daily routine sector of your chart, you can practically guarantee that you’re going to need to maintain a flexible schedule. Unexpected work projects, social events, or shifts in responsibilities will turn your calendar upside down, but they’ll also offer you a refreshing break from your usual habits.


It’s time to loosen up and trust the universe’s magic, Libra. Let go of your expectations and quit waiting for the perfect moment to pursue what’s in your heart. Why? Spoiler alert: The moment is now! Say yes to a date, take a risk on a passion project, or just embrace your lighthearted side. You’ll be surprised how easily inspiration flows when you stop trying to force it.


Matters of the heart could take an unexpected turn under this full moon, Scorpio, and it might feel like the foundations of your life are shifting beneath your feet. But remember that energy, like the very moon in the sky, always ebbs and flows. So, find ways to comfort yourself and connect with your roots to keep you grounded through these emotional swells.


Talk to someone new today, Sagittarius. Drive down a road you often pass but have never actually been down. The full moon is lighting up the magic in the mundane and helping you relate to the world around you in a new way. Thinking outside the box doesn’t require changing anything except your mindset—so start there. Then, watch as things begin to shift.


It’s time for a gratitude check, Capricorn. The full moon is casting a fresh light on the breadth of your material resources and your ability to give to others—meaning you have a chance to use your pragmatism for a good cause. Sometimes, counting your blessings looks like letting go of the stuff collecting dust in your closet so that someone else can actually make use of it.


One of the most important ways to maintain your happiness is to maintain your freedom, Aquarius—but this doesn’t mean you can’t also thrive when in close relationships with others. This full moon in your house of self is helping you to find your voice and show the world your true colors—no matter what situation you’re in. Embrace your authenticity.


The universe is communicating with you now, Pisces—so, open that third eye of yours. Make sure you can ensure you’ll see what it’s trying to show you. The full moon in your quiet twelfth house is illuminating all sorts of spiritual truths that’ll help you embrace the changes taking place in your world—so long as you’re willing to see them.

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