Is Your World Getting Rocked by Chiron in Aries? Here’s How to Find Out


On May 3, 2018

In Astrology

Is Your World Getting Rocked by Chiron in Aries? Here’s How to Find Out

For the next seven years Chiron, the wounded healer, will be in Aries. This astrological change will reset the collective’s relationship to masculinity and the way that masculine energy shows up in our lives. Aries, youngest fire sign, is the initiator, who sometimes needs to cause some havoc in order to initiate necessary change. But this masculine energy, if not protected by being in harmony with femininity, can go so far it destroys itself. With Chiron in Aries, humanity will be learning how to navigate their individuality and put their ego to work, without perpetuating harm on others or onto themselves.

In mythology Chiron is a centaur known as the wounded healer, an oracle who trained many heroes in the Greek pantheon. He was a well-versed astrologer who also taught medicine, music, and art. Due to his knowledge of plant medicine, Chiron is credited with the discovery of botany. Other centaurs were rowdy party-goers who enjoyed drinking and carousing. Chiron was different: sensitive and intuitive due the influence of his early mentors Apollo and Artemis.

Astrologically speaking, Chiron represents the collective’s deepest wounds and our attempts to heal it. Chiron calls on us to examine the areas in our life where we feel a lack of self-worth and ascend from them. It’s only through addressing the nature of our own wounds that we can heal those around us. At the same time, healing does not happen on a linear timeline; the nature of our oldest wound is something we return to, again and again, as the source of all the wisdom we accumulate in our individual lives.

Chiron in Aries will call on us to examine the ways in which we perpetrate predatory narratives on masculinity, and change our relationship with this divine energy for the better. Over these next 7 years, as Chiron moves through Aries, we are going to be called on to question how much we are responsible for our own collective trauma. We will be asked to think about how we want to move into the future and what we want to make of it. The wounds of the past won’t be erased, but will be incorporated into new structures that permit masculinity a place to live in true harmony, balance, and divinity.

This masculine energy I speak of has very little to do with physical anatomy or gender presentation. The truth is that all of us contain both masculine and feminine energy to different degrees. Masculinity is action oriented; femininity is receptive. At different times throughout our days, we move through these energies. Sometimes we require masculine energy to interact with the world and get our job accomplished; sometimes, a more feminine approach is necessary to be intuitive and receptive to what’s happening around us.

And yet our relationship to masculinity has become skewed by recent events in our cultural landscape. Masculinity has come to be seen as an inherent threat, predatory in nature, without the capacity to offer nurturance or care. These cultural constructs damage men as well as women and nonbinary people by ascribing a totalitarian mindset to ways of being. Chiron in Aries will call on us all to find the pieces of our own masculinity within ourselves and begin to reassemble and honor it, as we also heal our relationship to the masculine as it plays out in our culture.

Chiron in Aries will call on us to change the ways in which we perceive masculinity. Masculinity is often thought to be the provider and protector, but the truth of the matter is that masculinity is quite frail and in need of protection itself. It’s the intuitive nature of the feminine that protects masculinity from encountering dangers that would cause it to self destruct. With Chiron in Aries, all of us will be asked to tap into our intuition in order to protect the masculinity within.

At the same time, Chiron will call on people who identify as male or masculine to change the ways in which they perceive themselves. When the whole world thinks that you are a threat to it, it’s easy to fulfill people’s expectations. The wounding that has occurred around masculinity in the last century and the last few years go very deep indeed, but reframing the ways in which we see the role of masculinity in society offers unique possibilities. Each of us in our lifetimes can experience many different fatherly and brotherly figures that help us learn and change our relationship to self. Preserving the sanctity of these relationships is exactly what is going to help heal our relationship with divine masculine energy so that we can continue to wield its power for the betterment of our communities and ourselves. — by C. Luce Christensen

C. Luce Christensen is an Aquarius, writer, and professional Tarot card reader.

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