How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

By Katie Robinson

On June 9, 2022

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How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

Virgo men have high emotional intelligence and will locate every red flag before committing. Here’s how he will test you and how to win him over. 

Dating a Virgo Man

Dating a Virgo man is like eating your favorite lunch over and over again for the rest of your life. He is never filled with surprises or excitement—as most Virgo men are very routine and enjoy having a plan laid out in front of them. But you can bet he will be just as involved, amazing, and driven to make the relationship work as the day that he committed to you.

However, that’s after commitment. Before? Well, you have a long way to go. Virgo men are meticulous, judgy, and critically thinking. So, you better believe that before they commit that big heart of theirs to someone, they need to know that person will be worth it.  

Here are a couple ways to tell whether he’s in love with you, or simply playing you. (If you’re looking for some more “cosmic” advice, try a love tarot reading. It’ll get straight to the point!)

Signs He’s in Love With You

He tries to make your life easier.

 If he’s offering to clean the dishes or go after that store that owes you a refund, it’s because he cares. Virgo is the sign of service. So, their love language is, obviously, “acts of service.” If he’s trying to take things off your plate so that you can rest easy, you know he’s committed. 

He always says “thank you.”

Virgo men are very conscious of the socially acceptable things to do. So, they will be extra polite to people they believe are worthy.

He follows through.

We all know Virgos are exceptional planners. So, any time a Virgo isn’t following through with you, it’s a conscious choice he’s making not to! Only let a Virgo in if he’s making plans, meeting them, and showing up on time.

He notices the small details.

Virgos are incredibly detail-oriented. If he remarks on your hair when you get it done, he cares. 

He starts gossiping with you.

Virgos want to appear like they’re “above it all” in the gossip world, but secretly, this sign can’t get enough of it. So, when they’re letting you in on their pettiness, consider it a green light into their true self. 

He plans for the next date before the first one is over.

This sign enjoys a good plan. And if they’re into you, they will make sure you’re not picked up by someone else before they have the chance. So, he will definitely propose another date as soon as he can. 

Signs He’s Not Serious About You

He’s always late.

 Just like we said above, a late Virgo is a Virgo who doesn’t care!

He never dresses up for you.

 Even if they hate to admit, Virgos believe that appearances are everything. Any Virgo man who isn’t putting at least a little effort into his look, clothes, or hygiene for you, isn’t worth your time. 

He frequently ghosts or doesn’t pay attention.

Virgos always pay attention … to the things and people they care about. 

He’s bossy.

Virgos always think they’re right. That’s just the name of the game, people. But if a Virgo man is getting a little too obsessed with winning the argument, there’s an issue.

He becomes overly critical of you or the relationship.

Virgos can be perfectionists, we know this. But a Virgo isn’t one to end things. Instead, he’ll try to give you reason after reason to end it. His nit-picky attitude may be one sign that he’s no longer interested in seeing the “good” in the partnership.

In fact, he becomes contentious or has contempt. 

If the relationship is too far gone, a Virgo man will get into his head (and literally convince himself) that this isn’t going to work—that it never could have worked. So, before you get to this point, it’s best to let go!

How to Let Him Know You’re Interested

There are a couple key ways to make sure a Virgo knows your intentions:

How to Be Patient 

While Virgos are spectacular partners, leading up to the moment they actually commit can be a difficult process. Remember that Virgos are naturally thoughtful and logical. So, they will always apologize when they know they’ve messed up. Consider this period of patience the time they need to recognize this.


Will a Virgo man lead you on?

Any zodiac sign has the potential to lead you on! Virgo men will only do this because they don’t want to be the one to end things. 

Do Virgo men like to be chased?

Who doesn’t like being chased? Just remember that a Virgo man will say “no” over and over to you… don’t get too caught up in his search for the “perfect partner.” You’re perfect the way you are!

Are Virgo men emotional?

This sign is not overtly emotional. Virgos tend to take a more practical approach to their emotions. Namely, attempting to work so hard at other things that they forget they were even sad or upset in the first place. 

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