Your February Numeroscope Wants You to Get Some Sexy Hot Lovin'!

By Ellen Ricks

On February 1, 2019

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Your February Numeroscope Wants You to Get Some Sexy Hot Lovin'!

It’s no surprise from a numerological standpoint that Valentine’s Day is in February. February is ruled by the number 2, a number of love, compassion, and partnership. When you are in a 2 month, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, old flames, or just reconnecting with yourself since the 2 is the master of self-care. February is a perfect month to focus on your love life and get back to basics.   

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However, while a regular 2 month is about relaxation and sticking to routines, this February is ruled by another number.  Because 2019 numerological number is 3, and when you add February’s 2 to the 2019’s 3 you get the number 5. This with create some shakeups as 2 and 5 aren’t very compatible. 5 is all about big changes and no long-term plans—the exact opposite of 2. What does this mean for February 2019? It’s hookup month! While the weather may be cold, your love life with be red hot. This is the time to flirt, make friends, and find a sexy someone. This is not the month of long-term commencements, so don’t expect the person you spend Valentine’s Day with to still be here when Spring comes. This month is about fun; not forever, and self-care should be a must throughout.  

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But what does February have in store for your life path number? Read below! If you don’t know what your life path number is, add up all the digits of your birthday in a single digit number. For example, if your birthday is June 26, 1993, you would add 6+2+6+1+9+9+3=36, 3+6=9 so your life path number is 9. Or enter your birthday here and we’ll do the math for you!  

So let’s see what the numbers have planned for you!  


You may have had a busy start of the year but February will make you take a break from all the stress and relax. You’ve always been a “take charge” type of person, but the 2 in February will take you from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat. Don’t pout! Observe those who are in charge, you might learn something.  


You’re a hopeless romantic and this month it seems like everyone is interested in you, from that cutie at the gym, to the guy taking your order at the coffee shop. However, before you swipe right, remember to not get attached just yet — which means stop planning your wedding on Pinterest. You think every person who enters your life is “the one”, but don’t let your heart get broken by a fling. Instead, enjoy the flirting and the fun; it will do wonders for your self-esteem.  


As a natural born entertainer you live for the applause, and this is the month you’ll get it. February will bring you the perfect audience you’ve been looking for, whether it be for your creative projects, in the form of supportive friends, or just special someone who thinks you’re a star. This is a month to be surrounded by loved ones. Just keep doing what you’re doing, 3, it’s working!  


February is the perfect month to focus on home life and self-care. You’ve been working very hard the last few months to support yourself and your loved ones and you might be a little burnt out. It’s okay to take some time out for yourself. While “self-care” doesn’t mean getting off your routine or going on major trips, it means taking time out for yourself to make you feel good. Try meditating, having a hot bubble bath, or cuddling with your sweetheart. Enjoy!  


“Commitment” isn’t exactly a word in your vocabulary, 5, but February will force you to make some pretty major choices. Your first impulse may be to run away from the situation as far as possible, but is that what you really want? Don’t make any decisions right now, there’s too much pressure from outside forces. A rushed decision will hurt you in the long run.  


Love is the air for you this month; you got a major case of the heart eyes. This is the perfect month to meet that special someone. However, don’t go overboard just yet, or you’ll scare them away. Take things slow and don’t force it to work. Keep it light and fun and you’ll have a very steamy Valentine’s Day.  


February may be the shortest month of the year, but this month may feel like its dragging it’s feet. You may wonder to yourself: will spring ever get here? Because of the winter blues, it is vital that you should spend as much time with your loved ones as you can this month. Avoid gloomy thoughts by surrounding yourself with friends and excitement until spring finally blooms.  


You’re the type of person who loves to work solo, but now is the time to be a team player. Partnership is the key to success this month, especially when the 5 throws you a few curve balls. Remember: two heads are better than one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; people want you to be successful and are more than willing to give you a helping hand.  


You’ve been taking the lead for the last few months and February is the perfect time to let someone else take over so you can have a much needed break. Self-care is hard for you because you naturally want to take care of others. Let the power of 2 recharge your emotional batteries. This month is the perfect time to focus on your romantic life and give your love and affection freely, it will not only be returned but doubled.  


February is the season for love for most but you are really feeling. While February is typically cold and gloomy, your love life is really heating up. It’s okay to let people into your heart, you’ll only receive more love in return. Put down your guard and enjoy this personal romantic comedy you’re staring this month! 


Double 2’s means double the love, and looks like everyone is swiping right on you this month. The hardest decision you’ll make is who you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with. However, while flirting is fun, don’t burn yourself out. Self-care is deeply important and remember it’s perfectly okay to spend the whole day in bed — by yourself!  

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