This Is Your Dream Job According To Numerology

By Ellen Ricks

On October 11, 2018

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This Is Your Dream Job According To Numerology

The question “What do you want to be when you grow up” has changed for most people over the years. What used to be an exciting question in childhood has become a nerve-wracking one in adulthood. What would our dream job be if we could do anything? Luckily, numerology is here to help.

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Numerology is the belief that each of the nine single-digit numbers has their own personality and unique traits, giving you a deeper understanding of your wants, needs, desires and major challenges you’ll be facing in life. Each person has six numbers that are important to them, called a “number blueprint”. Three numbers come from your name, and three numbers come from the date of your birth. Your most important number is your Life Path Number. Your Life Number holds all the natural traits you were born with, what skills you have, what sort of challenges you’ll face in this life, and what lesson you must learn; so it’s safe to say they’ll give you some understanding what your best suited for you, career-wise.

Your Life Path Number is a powerful number, but it’s an easy one to learn. Simple add up all the number of your full date of birth.

For example, if you were born on December 13, 1989, that’s 12/13/1989.

Add up each digit: 1+2+1+3+1+9+8+9=34

3+4 = 7

You would have a 7 Life Path. Or, to make it really easy, use our handy Life Path Number Calculator.

So now that you know your life path number, let’s see what job you are best suited for.

If You’re a 1

You are a self-motivated, independent, hard worker who is fiercely competitive. You love to win and have a passionate drive to succeed. You value your individuality and couldn’t stand working for someone else. You have to be in charge, it’s in your blood. You‘re known for your independence, action and decision-making skills. You are hands-on with your work. The mantra you have when looking into a career is simple: “What is it I’ve always wanted to be?”

Your Dream Job: entrepreneur, business person, inventor, restaurant owner, retail store owner, trial lawyer, military officer, farmer, writer, massage therapist, reflexologist or acupuncturist.

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If You’re a 2

You deeply value harmony in your life. You love people and care about how they are feeling and how you can help. You hate to be alone. You’re known as a “peacemaker” because you are thoughtful and can see every side of a situation. You cannot stand conflict and will avoid it at all costs. You are loyal, open, honest and a hopeless romantic. You have a deep level of sensitivity and empathy that many do not understand. Your compassion is your best feature and you must treasure it.

Your Dream Job: marriage counselor, therapist, teachers, matchmaker, nurse, doctor, astrologist or social worker.

If You’re a 3

You are always performing and entertaining — the world is your stage! You value creativity, communication, and connecting with people. You’ll do anything for a laugh. You also love to look your best and make others look and feel good about themselves. The thought of a typical nine-to-five job makes you gag and would hate a job with strict rules that lack individuality.

Your Dream Job: entertainer, salesperson, model, actor, designer, musician, singer, comedian, cosmologist, hairdresser or a fashion and jewelry designer.

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If You’re a 4

You are cerebral and intelligent. You are constantly seeking knowledge. You also have a protective nature in you with a deep sense of justice. You are a natural fixer and are relaxed when you are working with your hands. Be careful of coming off as too judgmental or too rigid. You like working in the “real” and not in the “what if’s”.

Your Dream Job: teacher, firefighter, police officer, construction worker, architect, builder, landscaper or a farmer.

If You’re a 5

You love freedom, fun, and adventure. You will probably have more than one career in your life and will often hop around between jobs because you love variety. You have a bit of a wild side to you. You “live your quest” every day.

Your Dream Job: photojournalist, pilot, flight attendant, travel agent, tour guide, cruise director, wedding planner, decorator, writer, musician or casino owner.

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If You’re a 6

You have a very strong nurturing side that is the core of your personality. You are the “mom” of your friend group. You have a magnetic energy and people are naturally drawn to you. You feel the need to take care of everything and everyone. You are a creative person and need to keep busy to stay sane. You need harmony and control to be happy. Home is everything to you.

Your Dream Job: interior decorator, real estate agent, guidance counselor, academic advisor, greeting card designer, hair and makeup artist, actor, musician, writer, business owner or manager.

If You’re a 7

You are always observing. You are very intelligent that may come off as intimating to some people, especially paired with your blunt honesty. You are loyal and direct with others. You tend to think too much and overanalyze every situation. You are very bright and love a good mystery. You often keep to yourself and are very private.

Your Dream Job: psychologist, psychiatrist, astrologist, librarian, oceanographer, astronomer, biologist or geologist.

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If You’re a 8

Your life goal is to establish financial security. You enjoy the freedom that comes from being financially stable. You enjoy having nice things. You are a powerful being and strive for success and achievement, so you tend to be a workaholic. You are very honest person who can come off as blunt. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

Your Dream Job: politician, executive, banker, stock market trader, accountant, office manager, judge, wedding planner, interior decorator, running a non-profit, publisher, actor or model.

If You’re a 9

The most evolved number in numerology, this lends you a powerful, intimating air around you that you may not notice but others do. You are a selfless humanitarian, determined to follow what you believe in. You have tremendous ambition and drive. You are very creative and value your creative self. You are a hard worker. You are often drawn into leadership positions without ever seeking them out. You also are great with children and love being around them. Your goal: to serve others well.

Your Dream Job: teacher, school counselor, therapist, doctor, nurse, social worker, artist, professor, writer, artist, illustrator, musician or an actor.

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