Your Weekly Horoscope: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Explore New Beginnings!


On December 2, 2018

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Explore New Beginnings!

December 3 – December 9, 2018

The sun continues to move through adventurous Sagittarius and forges an edgy angle to elusive Neptune. It could be hard to see things with the necessary clarity, especially midweek. This ethereal quality continues as feisty Mars merges with nebulous Neptune in Pisces on Friday. Energy may dip, but imagination can soar and there could be a tendency to daydream. For the naturally creative, this can be a helpful transit.

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Thursday’s new moon in the sign of Sagittarius offers a chance for a new beginning. You might be eager to take on challenging projects that take you out of your comfort zone. Also on Thursday, talkative Mercury turns direct, bringing an end to delays and frustrations.

Over the weekend, Chiron the celestial body linked with healing and healers, pushes forward in the sign of Pisces.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

You may have a decision coming up and need to decide between believing in your own power of intuition or in the advice of a mentor. Perhaps you can trust in both? Thursday’s new moon may bring a big new beginning, and it could involve study or travel. Mercury turns direct the same day, so there’s smoother sailing as far as communication is concerned. Also, pay attention to your dreams near the end of the week; they may guide you. Read your entire Aries weekly horoscope.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

It’s a big week socially for you, and although you might have some intense issues at play as well, it’s OK. You need to find the balance. Thursday’s new moon in your sector of shared assets and deep psychological issues can be an opportunity for a new beginning. Even if it’s just the beginning of an idea, it’s enough. However, if you might want to make progress, you need to let go of the things that block you. An intriguing encounter with someone who seems a bit of a mystery may come at the end of the week. Read your entire Taurus weekly horoscope.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

You’ve got a lot going on at work and in your social life, Gemini! You might be torn between having fun and job duties early in the week. Take time to consider your priorities before making a decision. Mercury, your guardian planet, turns direct on Thursday, which could make it easier to navigate the coming weeks, especially during this busy time of year. With a new moon in this sector on the same day, it’s a good time to start a collaboration or take a romance to a new level. You might be in the spotlight on Friday and through the weekend. Read your entire Gemini weekly horoscope.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

You’ll be balancing work and your own interests near the start of the week. Find balance. Thursday’s new moon in your sector of work and lifestyle brings an opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’re starting a new joy, it’s a good time to feel at home in your new environment. In fact, if you’re beginning any new routine, this can be an excellent time. Finally, a very alluring over the weekend. Test it out first! Find out more by reading your entire Cancer weekly horoscope.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

You just wanna have fun and try some new things this week, but make sure all of your matters are attended to first. You might have to sort out some confusing, frustrating, or messy issues. Take your time, and it’s possible. Thursday brings a new moon in your sector of leisure, creativity, and romance, which can be an opportunity to take things to a new level. Could your side hustle turn into more of a real deal! Be careful about any schemes that come your way, especially over the weekend. Make sure you do your research first! Read your entire Leo weekly horoscope.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

You’re torn between things to do at home and demands from others. If you want it to work out, you need to find balance. Thursday’s new moon in your home zone can be an opportunity to get domestic projects up and running. With chatty Mercury turning direct on the same day, real estate deals could also proceed more smoothly. Also, look for potential romantic possibilities this week as well — and Friday and the weekend might bring an exciting trip. Read your entire Virgo weekly horoscope.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Getting it together might be hard this week — you have competing priorities and people are pulling you in other directions. Stand strong in your resolve and strengthen your boundaries — but also remember to stay compassionate to yourself and others. Thursday’s new moon in your sector of communication can be a positive this week, perhaps an opportunity to launch a product or website or sign a deal or agreement, and with Mercury turning direct on that same day, navigating the holidays will be easier. Read your entire Libra weekly horoscope.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Look for an exciting opportunity — perhaps creative and/or romantic in nature! — earlier in the week, but just keep in mind that it could cost you some money. Think about it before you take action. And with Thursday’s new moon in your money zone, you can take the lead on some big projects. It’s also a good time to plan for any extra expenses; just remember, that you can set yourself up for next year by just making some simple changes. On Friday and the weekend, someone’s words might not be what they really mean. Read your entire Scorpio weekly horoscope.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You might be ready to take on the world, but you might also need to support your family, as well. There could be someone who needs a little extra attention. Hopefully you can do it without compromising your own agenda. Thursday’s new moon in your sign is the best of the year for you and an opportunity to set your intentions for the coming twelve months. Get out there and make it happen. And on Finally, be wary of making any promises that you can’t keep. Read your entire Sagittarius weekly horoscope.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Although you might feel like keeping to yourself earlier in the week, you could be dragged into something you don’t have a lot to do with. Your detached perspective would be very helpful here, but just be prepared for things to potentially drag out. Thursday’s new moon in a secluded sector of your chart could inspire you to adopt a practice that helps you stay calm in everyday life — perhaps meditation or yoga. The weekend could be great for creativity, especially in connection to the written word. Read your entire Capricorn weekly horoscope.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The sun is in your social sector squaring off with ethereal Neptune, and it’s a good time to trust your gut. You should be extra careful when it comes to dealing with paperwork and money. There’s a happy focus on your social sector and with a new moon in this zone on Thursday, you’ll have opportunities to connect with friends and initiate new plans and projects. Finally, you may be feeling generous at the end of the week, but don’t get too crazy. Read your entire Aquarius weekly horoscope.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Your responsibilities and ambitions could be on your mind, but you also might feel complacent about things. If you organize your priorities and make to do lists, it can help. Thursday’s new moon in your sector of goals could push you forward with a plan that’s important to you. Visualize the outcome you want. And with Mars merging with elusive Neptune in your sign on Friday, your imagination could soar. Make creative plans over the weekend! Read your entire Pisces weekly horoscope. — By Helen Adams & The Editorial Staff

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