December 2019 Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes

By Mary Bergner

On December 9, 2019

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December 2019 Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes

On December 11 at 9:12 pm, the full moon in logical, tech-savvy Gemini hits the sky. This will highlight a ton of information that you didn’t have before. And thanks to Mercury (planet of communication) moving from guarded Scorpio into outgoing Sagittarius earlier this month, you’ll be more inclined to share those thoughts.

Asking questions, presenting ideas, or striking up convos with strangers are much easier during this time. But because Gemini’s energy can be a bit erratic, some signs may have more difficulty getting their points across.

Being the sign of the Twins—which can symbolize siblings, roommates, or neighbors—Gemini will make us want to pay close attention to more familial relationships and apply some of Gemini’s abundant charm to smooth over any rough edges before the holidays.

An important aspect to be aware of is a trine between Mars (planet of passion) and Neptune (planet of illusion) on December 13, which can offer a second chance to find something you’ve been searching for. With the help of the nurturing full Gemini moon, you should be able to get what you want and more.

How the December 2019 Gemini Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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As a fire sign Aries, you generally like to tackle things on your own and are convinced (most of the time) that you’re doing everything the right way. The airy Gemini moon helps you become more flexible and accepting of alternate ways of doing things. Take a hint from its detached nature and try to see things more objectively.


Your “slow and steady” Taurus nature doesn’t always vibe with Gemini’s restlessness, so you may feel uncomfortable as you’re pulled different directions during this full moon. Try to find a calm space before making your final decision, as scattered choices now leave you with regret.


You’re even more amped up than usual during this full moon in your restless sign, so how will you ever get everything done? Meeting deadlines and following through with personal projects aren’t impossible, but it will take more drive and focus now than ever before.


Cancer is ruled by the maternal moon, so when she’s full, you feel deeply connected to the energy she puts out. So, when she visits communication-guru Gemini this month, you have a harder time getting to your point than most. Take breaks as needed.


You’re normally a very charismatic speaker Leo, but this full Gemini moon might shake your confidence. You don’t always know the exact right thing to say now, and your words come out jumbled at times. Slow down and think things through before speaking.


Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, the great communicator—but Virgos are typically much more methodical. Right now, the Twins’ energy is making you more scattered than usual, and your presentations, speeches and personal conversations might suffer. Getting through it without embarrassing yourself might be the best you can hope for.


Unfortunately, your indecisiveness doesn’t benefit from the full Gemini moon’s scattered energy. So this time, when people come to you for your sound Libra advice and guidance, you don’t know what to say. Put off making final decisions for yourself and others until this period or restlessness passes.


The Gemini full moon calls you out to join in group or community discussions, which you aren’t that comfortable with to begin with. Add to it the iffy energy that the scattered energy that Gemini gives off and you’re really not sure of yourself. Wrap things up quickly so you can move on to more positive experiences.


You aren’t as thrown by Gemini’s restless energy as other signs are, because you’re usually up for just about anything. When communications get jumbled, you just admit your mistake and move on. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up now, but you’re lucky you don’t get overwhelmed easily!


Capricorn and Gemini is a mismatched couple to the nth degree. You can’t understand why Gemini can’t just focus, and the Twins don’t identify with your strict rigidity.  During this full moon, however, your goal will be to stay on track while being pulled in a million different directions. You’ll need more resolve now than ever before.


Aquarius and Gemini are both intellectual and unpredictable, but this full moon challenges your ability to be more effective with your personal relationships. Can you remain detached while trying to end an issue that’s been dividing you and a family member apart, or stay resolute when an ex tries to reconnect with you? That’s your challenge now.


This full Gemini moon is overwhelming for you as you struggle against Gemini’s logical take on communication. You just want to pour out your feelings Pisces, but being emotional won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Try to find some balance between the two different methods when dealing with personal issues.

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