Could a Love Goddess Transform Your Future?

By Alexandra Roxo

On July 21, 2017

In Compatibility, Love, Sex

Could a Love Goddess Transform Your Future?

As crazy as it may sound, the spirit world, or the invisible world—whatever you want to call it—can help you tremendously in your sex and love life. This has definitely been true for me. In addition to finding me parking spots and saving me from accidents, I credit love gods and goddesses, ascended masters, angels, and plant and animal spirits with keeping my life sexy, romantic and magical!

I’ve been making love altars to certain deities for over 15 years. Chanting their names. Offering prayers and gifts. It’s one of the coolest practices ever, and it works. But it’s a process, with a learning curve. Like any relationship, developing a relationship with a love deity takes care, time, respect, and the willingness to put aside your own ego. But it’s so worth it. After all, there’s a bodacious buffet of sparkly spirituality all around you, just waiting help you manifest great love and sex.

It’s a wild world out there for you to explore! But like anything, you have to educate and prepare yourself. You would never try Peacock Pose your first time doing yoga, or attempt to sky dive without the proper parachute, and it’s the same with channeling the love deities. If you approach with good intentions and follow the simple guidelines I’m about to lay out for you, I think you’ll start to see real results in your love life very soon.

Here’s how to call upon the love gods and goddesses to manifest the love you want in your life:

Start with your past 
The best place to start developing a relationship with a new god or goddess of love is to look back into your own lineage. (I highly recommend doing a 23andMe DNA test to chart your heritage!) Looking into what countries your DNA is from can help you decide which gods or goddesses you would like to get to know. Celtic roots? Norse? West African? All these cultures have amazing pantheons of gods and goddesses to work with. If you’re of Irish descent and want to call in power and fire, try calling on Brigid. If you’ve got that Scandinavian blood, try Freya. Southern Europe? Try the Roman or Greek Gods. West African? Oshun and Yemaya are amazing. These are just a few deities who can help you with love, sex, inner fire, and more. Oh, and a
s you do your research, you may find yourself drawn to a god or goddess from a different heritage than your own. That’s great! Just follow your intuition. 

The Norse goddess Freya empowers love, fertility, and beauty.

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Build an altar
Once you’ve found a deity, you can start by building an altar to them. You may want to do it around a full or new moon. It can be simple: a candle, some flowers, a statue, a poem. Or it can be grand! Research online and check multiple sources for tips on what your deity likes or appreciates—and incorporate those foods, colors, flowers, or gems into your alter and offerings. 

Look within
Establishing a relationship with a deity is just like any other relationship. It requires commitment and practice and patience. Meditation and prayer are key to getting to know a deity. Ask from your heart, always! Start to feel how your heart feels when you call in this deity. And sit in quiet with that feeling. Eventually the feeling will become more and more distinct. And always call upon the compassionate and loving side of your deity. Very important!

Make offerings
Don’t start with: “Please send me my husband, asap!” Start by giving little offerings to the deity you’re working with. Chocolates. Sweets. Gold. Little remembrances. Woo them. Making these offerings before you ask is a key step. 

The goddess Yemaya is worshipped in many cultures.

Ask for help
When you ask your deity for help, ask from your heart, not your ego. Start with a genuine ask that will benefit not only you, but all of the planet. Yes, new love can benefit the whole planet—a Gucci bag, not so much. 

Be respectful
These are powerful deities! If you start bragging, laughing, or making fun of them, they will get pissed. There are tons of legends and warnings about gods and goddesses taking revenge on humans. Folks didn’t just pull that out of nowhere … stay conscious and loving.

The pagan goddess Brigid can help you write that love poem!

My relations in the spirit realm are thriving and beautiful and so amazing. My relationship with Aphrodite has helped me become a woman and a sex goddess to myself—and anyone who needs my guidance! I’ve worked with Kali and many others for over a decade, too. Now, may you meet the love deities of your dreams!

Goddess collages courtesy of

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