Are You Dependable in a Crisis?


On March 15, 2017

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Are You Dependable in a Crisis?

Time for total honesty: can others depend on you during a crisis, or not? Here’s the truth about your sign…
Yes you are dependable! Your take-charge attitude makes you a natural leader, and your quick action could save someone’s life. When things get real, it’s good to have an Aries around.

You’re actually one of the most dependable signs there is, and will stick with the person in trouble until outside help comes.  Emergencies do not freak you out in the least.

The best ways to help a Taurus in crisis 

You aren’t the first person someone in crisis should call. You’re a bit flaky. But, if you happen to be a bystander when the bad stuff goes down, you’re on the phone and dialing 911 before anyone else can react.
You’re slow to act (unless it involves family, then you’re ON it), but once you do engage you can be that calm, steady presence that helps maintain the peace. You must be in the mood, though.

Helping a Cancer through hard times requires this

Oh heck, no. If the crisis doesn’t directly involve you, well then forget it. But wait, if it is you at the center of it, then they can count on you. To livestream it on social media, that is.

Oh yes, responsible, practical and dedicated Virgo is always a cool crusader. Great to rely on in a crisis situation, you’re probably number one on your friends’ speed dial just in case.

Given your balanced approach to every situation, you can definitely be a dependable when life throws a curve ball. You’ll work hard to make sure the crisis has a positive outcome, but your indecision can put you further down the list when the emergency is life or death.

How to help a Libra — the sign usually helping you

You prefer to work behind the scenes, so you don’t thrive on the front lines. However, if anything needs to be done outside of the combat zone, you’re first to step up and volunteer. And once it’s over, you’re discreet enough to keep the details a secret.

How to help a Scorpio who is suffering

Given your far range of study, you’ve probably read about what to do in a crisis situation. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to put it into practice, but your outgoing and helpful nature means you won’t back away if called upon.

Um, YES!  You are dependable in a crisis like nobody’s business. Your calm, practical demeanor keeps you ready for every possible scenario, and your methodical manner makes you Numero Uno on the ‘oh no, who should we call?’ list.

What to do when a Capricorn is having a crisis

You’re a humanitarian at heart, so you like to be of service. Now, does that extend to emergency situations? Not all the time. You kind of have to be in the right mood/frame of mind to help out in a crisis, which doesn’t put you high on the list of dependable peeps. 

Ways to help an Aquarius in crisis 

You’re the most compassionate sign there is, so you can truly empathize with people in a crisis situation. When your sympathy, dedication and seriousness show up on the scene, the party in crisis knows they’re in good hands. 

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