Vulture Facts


Alt Name: Ocelot, Wizard

Mayan Name: Ix1

Significance: Ascension

Direction: North

Gem: Moonstone

Color: White

Friend: Earth

Foe: Death

About the Vulture Mayan sign

Vulture (or Wisdom or Warrior) is the sixteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology - your sign! You represent luck in beginning new things, and are very self-aware and concerned about your status in the world. You place a high value on life experiences, wanting to learn as much as possible from the triumphs and challenges they offer. You can appear a bit jaded and ruthless to others, but that is because you see things as they are and thus tend to be cynical. You dislike being judged, and if you feel under scrutiny your self-esteem takes a blow. You're this way because you actually are an expert (most of the time), and give solid advice. As serious as you are about life, you know how to find the humor in most situations, too.


Knowledgeable, Wise, Challenging.


Jaded, Cynical.