Earth Facts


Alt Name: Earthquake

Mayan Name: Caban

Significance: Action

Direction: East

Gem: Agate

Color: Red

Friend: Knife

Foe: Deer

About the Earth Mayan sign

Earth (or Earthquake), the seventeenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology, is your sign. Earth natives are very thoughtful, clever, and philosophical. They are well-controlled and good at moderating potentially harmful behaviors and attitudes. You are or have the potential to be very well-educated, and your brain is always lit up with bright new ideas. Where you need some work is taking into account the emotional, imaginative part of life. Not everything has to make practical sense, and failing to accept this can lead to stress and confusion. You also don't want to come across as condescending to others. That said, you know how to have a good laugh, you're well-liked, and a progressive leader.


Practical, Philosophical, Affable.


Condescending, Worried.